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The continuing quest for work life balance. And lack thereof.

Admitting I hired a Mother’s Helper


Let me just skip to the punchline: I LOVE my Mother’s Helper and wish I had learned about this hybrid person-of-awesome much sooner. I don’t want to sound like a celebrity with a fleet of nannies, but a well-placed assistant totally kicks ass. Ok, now that I see that in writing, I’m sure that I […]

I am not a stay-at-home mom. Do you think I am?


Recently, I’ve been confused by my peers who call themselves stay-at-home parents while they publish essays or even books, and run businesses from home. Is it because they are able to do those things without using childcare? Or is it because they take greater pride in stay-at-home-parenthood than the part-time career activities in which they […]

Daycare, hurts so good.

The first time leaving a baby with a new sitter is scary

Can you hear the baby squawking from where you’re sitting? I can. And it sure is hard to concentrate. Doesn’t he realize that I’m trying to write a blog post about him? Gah. Okay, that’s better now. Where was I? Oh yes… Sawyer, my sweet baby love, my third boy, is about to head off […]