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No need to shun Shine!


If you’re one of the two readers of this site who stops here before finding out that Yahoo has a new women’s website / experience / magazine — let me tell you what to think about it. Shine collects their favorite stories and posts from the internets PLUS some original writing in an attempt to […]

Gap is to Old Navy as Gymboree is to …

If you already know the answer to this analogy, then pardon my ignorance, but for the rest of you, the answer is: Crazy 8. I just learned this. Yes, Gymboree has launched a cheaper, hipper brand and my husband just told me about it as he unpacked some clothing for our kids he had bought […]

Who’s Karen?

karen eating

We have a friend. She’s cool — you’d like her. She has a funny food blog >> lifestyles of the carnivorous & fabulous. Karen’s not a mom but a really cool auntie and when she stumbles upon quirky products or fun activities for little kids and babies, she shares them with us.

Link Love: MetroDad

This blogger New Yorker has a kid exactly the same age as my little dude. I can tell we are going through the same things from his most excellent Open Letter To All Toddlers. If you don’t know MetroDad, get to know him. Also, if you are a hip Asian-American daddy, like my third-favorite ex-boyfriend, […]

Good-looking maternity clothes? Forget the mall.

While my mom and I did have a successful shopping trip this weekend, I must confess that I become irate as soon as I start interacting with the sales people at Mimi Maternity. But that’s a rant for another day. Let’s stay positive, people. Positively pregnant. If that’s possible. What I have trouble finding is […]