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Tech Tuesday

Using technology to solve a parenting problem, we cover apps, software, gadgets, and whatever we can fit into the tech bucket. Since we’re geeky girls, that’s a lot!

Tech Tuesday: On-demand parenting advice

A few of the experts from Kids in the House

If all the top parenting experts were your best friends and available in that “call me anytime” way via skype, then your middle-of-the-night feedings might start to look a little bit like Worried that you’re holding your baby too much? A top pediatrician will reassure you. Have questions about if you’re producing enough breastmilk, […]

Tech Tuesdays: Podcasts


Having worked on a piece of research about what types of new media moms consume, I know that podcasts are not very popular among our demographic. Regardless, I want to share my enthusiasm for them. The listening habit I developed about three months ago has turned me into a regular exerciser, and it’s entirely due […]