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Ideas for getting baby to sleep or just enjoying the down-time

Go to the drive-in (movie)

let sleeping babies lie

Rookie mom, Emily, suggested hitting the drive-in movie as a great baby-on-board date night. The last time I went to a drive-in I was driving cross-country with my pal, Rachel, and we actually watched the movie Twister (in which a drive-in theater is decimated by a tornado). I only wish the drive-ins near Berkeley were […]

Activity #373: Get more out of Goodnight Moon


When we first added Goodnight Moon to our bedtime ritual, I thought, “This book is sort of boring.” After a few months, I thought “This book is painfully boring.” One day, my friend Sunny said, “I see new things in that book every time I look at it.” Um, what? So I started paying more […]

Activity #224: Take picture of sleeping baby

Sometimes young babies make annoyingly weird faces when you’re trying to take a picture to prove to the world how cute they really are. In the first couple months, I found that Julian was actually a very good model while he slept. He didn’t cry or cross his eyes or make a rooting face. He […]

Activity #189: Trick baby into napping

Poor little guy, he thinks we're gonna play

When Holden was six months old, we were still doing about 3 to 4 naps each day. But once in a while, Holden would have an I-hate-Mondays and I-won’t-nap-for-you protest thing. After the requisite nap routine (dim lights, cuddle, story, milk), fussing, talking, diaper “situations”, I often gave up and played with him for a […]