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Ideas for getting baby to sleep or just enjoying the down-time

How to make the most of your child’s nap

In this video, I talk about why you might want to put your computer or smart phone down during your child’s nap. It’s not about unplugging, though, it’s about recharging yourself, using your downtime to refresh your energy level, your social life, or create mental space. I provide different three ways to spend your time. […]

Learn baby massage

Rookie Moms guide to infant massage

Whether you’re a naturally zen mama or a skeptic, I highly recommend learning a few techniques of infant massage (besides, nobody has to see you doing it but a small person who doesn’t speak). You can enjoy some quiet time and get to know your baby’s tiny developing body AND often get the kid to […]

Is my baby ready for a toddler bed?


One of our local experts offered to field this question, which comes up over and over again: For the past few days my son (2) won’t stop climbing out of his crib, and I’m afraid he will get hurt! Does this mean he’s ready for a toddler bed? Won’t he just get out of that […]