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Get on the ground and play at your baby’s level… or perform something so silly you hope nobody will see you!

Make this toy: wheelie dog


If you’re up for making a quickie toy for your toddler to push around, read on to find out how to make a doggie rolling toy from a simple paper plate. Materials: flimsy paper plate markers or crayons scissors hole punch drinking straw two small empty spools Instructions:

Kids wearing kids


I’m on vacation in Peru! With my husband! Without my kids! When I was looking at pictures of our destinations in advance of my trip, I thought it would be appropriate to post these while I was gone. Babywearing is obviously common place in Peru, and older siblings wear their younger sibs, but most different […]

Formula, you have met your maker, and it’s electronic.


Surely you’ve seen those coffee makers that use little pods for individual servings of coffee. Now, there’s a drink machine just for your baby. From the website Swiss mums have a new labour-saving device to add to their armoury with the advent of Baby Nes — the equivalent of the cult Nespresso coffee machine, […]

What’s your baby name for the Other Gender?


Tomorrow I’ll be having some tests to determine our baby-to-be’s gender. I don’t know how soon we’ll get the results, but probably sometime in April. I’ve tried to avoid daydreaming about names until we know for sure. But, Whitney can attest to the fact that I’ve been earmarking “my third son’s name” for years now. […]

Self-portraits in cupcakes


Heather and I went to a 2-day conference in San Francisco to meet up with our Babycenter colleagues. It’s been several months that we’ve been writing weekly posts over there, but this was the first time we met most of the other contributors in person. We spent hours in a conference room, but our hosts […]