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Rookie Summer

Bec and Ben’s Very Rookie Summer

August 27, 2010

Allow me to share the ninth installment of our Very Rookie Summer series. Bec is just beyond the official definition of being a “true rookie” mom to her son Ben. Ben is a whopping 13 months old. She is sharing the story of their rookie camping trip together on Vancouver Island at Rathtrevor Provincial Park. […]

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Kristi and Nora’s Very Rookie Summer

August 20, 2010

We’re happy to share the eighth edition of our Very Rookie Summer series. Kristi is sharing three short stories (the final one is a love story) about a great big green ball. Her daughter, Nora, is 6 weeks old. They live in smokin’ hot North Carolina. She blogs at Here we go… This story is […]

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Jessica and Holden’s Very Rookie Summer

August 13, 2010

Voila, the seventh edition of our Very Rookie Summer series! Jessica is a rookie mom deep in the middle of her first year in Alabama. Her sidekick is six-month old Holden (great name!). She chronicles their adventures at her blog, Mother of a Homegrown Kid. As a new mom getting the baby out of the […]

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Nicole and Reagan’s Very Rookie Summer

August 6, 2010

Presenting the sixth installment of our Very Rookie Summer series. Nicole sent us a photo essay of her walk on the wild side, a hike with baby Reagan in a Florida Nature Preserve. My husband and I took our nine-month old baby girl, Reagan, to The Enchanted Forest (A local nature preserve in Florida) to […]

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Erin’s Two Very Rookie Summers

July 30, 2010

Time for the fifth edition of our Very Rookie Summer series. Erin Goettsch shares two different days from her life as mom including her lessons learned the hard way taking a baby swimming. Baby Nathan taught his mama how to treat a baby at the pool; baby Anneliese benefited. Read more from Erin at her […]

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Deb and Leah’s Very Rookie Summer

July 23, 2010

Ready for the fourth momoir in our Very Rookie Summer series? Our pal Deb shares a blow-by-blow(-out) account of her day with baby Leah. We appreciate the geeky attention to detail as well has her sense of humor in this mega-did-do-list. A Day in the Life of a Almost 3-Month Old in San Francisco 7:30am: […]

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Elizabeth and Zaida’s Very Rookie Summer

July 16, 2010

Allow me to present the third installment of our Very Rookie Summer series. Elizabeth shares two different days from her life with baby Zaida that are seven weeks apart. We love her stories for reminding us so fully of what a difference a few weeks not-quite-two months can make in the life of a rookie […]

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A Very Rookie Summer with Alana + Dan

July 9, 2010

Voila! It’s the second installment of our Very Rookie Summer series. Baby S.A. is 9 months old and lives in Nashville, TN with his parents, Alana and Dan, who wrote it to share two summer adventures with us. Swimming at the YMCA outdoor pool. This one seems obvious, but I think a lot of new […]

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Leonora and Willa’s Very Rookie Summer

July 2, 2010

Leonora Pitts shares her adventures with eight-week old Willa. They live in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. Her infant blog is Butter and Whiskey. We can’t thank her enough for kicking off our Very Rookie Summer series with her story. My baby girl, Willa, was born eight weeks ago. Inspired by the Rookie Moms book and […]

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Get ready for a Very Rookie Summer

July 2, 2010

Is this your first year of motherhood? No experience? A true rookie? Where will you be going with your baby? To Mazatlan or to the mall? Either way, we’re interested in your adventure– and so are other moms who are trying to figure out how to fill their days. This one time? at band camp? […]

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