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Goldieblox: Does it work?

What does Goldieblox actually look like?

Aimed to attract girls to play patterns that encourage building and problem solving, the stuff engineering is made of, new toy brand Goldiebox came to market about a year ago. I watched the Kickstarter video in 2012 and loved the idea. CEO Debbie Sterling is a young engineer from Stanford who wants to disrupt the […]

Sports bras for nursing moms

Moving Comfort sports nursing bra

Having had a few bouts of trying to exercise while nursing, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the selection of bras SUCKS. Nursing breasts are hardworking and need support not to mention easy- and frequent-access. Unfortunately, it seems like these two criteria are often at odds. Support. I’ve doubled up on sports bras […]

Stuff I like right now: baby feeding edition


At seven months old, Sawyer is eating and drinking whatever he can get his mouth on. Still nursing but also bottle-feeding, spoon-feeding, and dabbling in finger food. And, as always, I have some very strong opinions! I have a whole new arsenal of baby feeding products in rotation so wanted to share a few of […]

Dunstan baby language put to the test!


I had heard about the Dunstan Baby Language as “the woman who speaks baby talk on Oprah” several years ago. It sounded like a brilliant idea, but without my own crying baby, there wasn’t much opportunity — or drive — to test it. I flirted with the idea of buying the DVDs a few times […]

Review of the Maclaren Twin Techno

Maclaren Twin Techno on Amazon

This review of the Maclaren Twin Techno was written by one of my dearest friends, Ella. She also wrote apartment life with newborn twins. As the mother of 7.5-month old twins, I learned more about double strollers than I ever would have imagined.  After my extensive research, we landed on two strollers.  We have been […]

Crusing around in a minivan

Proper name is Sienna XLE not swagger wagon

If you ask Milo why he’s excited about a new baby coming to live with us, he will mention the word “minivan” within a few enthusiastic sentences. We told the boys we’d get a minivan to soften the blow of having another kid in the house. It worked like a charm. Before we borrowed a […]