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Momversation: I expect a lot from my babysitter


The irony of my position on this topic is not lost on me. I was a kid who never cleaned my room or helped with the dishes. When I babysat, I didn’t pick up toys or probably even clear the table unless I was asked to. It just didn’t occur to me. I wrote a […]

Love or Shove: Woombie sleep swaddle?


I love sleep. I love swaddles. But I can’t tell if this Woombie contraption is the best of both worlds or the worst? Help a nearly-born-again rookie mom out! There’s a video on if you need more help deciding (turn your volume DOWN before you head over).

Are there bad reasons to have a baby?


I would say yes! Check out my Thursday 13: BAD reasons to have a baby (from “everyone is doing it” to secret yearning for a minivan) along with a whole book full of selfish (good) reasons to make another whole person. Sorry for the teeny update. I am writing to you from the Denver airport […]

The problem with potlucks (sponsored)


We recently saw this funny video from CoolMom, Daphne, about the downside of the potluck. We have long recommended that new moms host potlucks so that people will bring food to you (score!) while you do as you please with your baby (all your gear, crib, whatever!), but we hadn’t considered the problem of that […]

Talking to our children about the scary world


Tragedy, crisis, tsunami, earthquake, war. While I’m excited to be a panelist on Momversation, this was a scary topic to start with. How do you share world events and tragedies with your kids? Or do you keep your heads buried in the sand completely? I was talking with Mr. Lady and Redneck Mommy — both […]

Guest post: Choosy moms choose wipe warmers


In response to a pregnant friend asking for baby product tips and must-haves, my friend Anna sent along this advice about the considerable merits of her wipe warmer: When my daughter Emma was born, she cried constantly for days…she would not eat. We were so stressed…and we noticed that she was particularly upset when we […]