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Not our mother’s TV Moms

March 7, 2012

I loved sitcoms as a child. I fondly remember Tuesdays as the night when I could stay up until 9:30 to watch a cluster of my favorites: Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Three’s Company. Like most kids, I compared my mom to Carol Brady, Claire Huxtable, or Elise Keaton.  And don’t get me started […]

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Love or Shove? Apptivity iPhone case for babies

January 11, 2012

Whitney just sent me a link to this cuh-razy looking iPhone/iPod case for babies and toddlers. Whoa. Fisher Price makes it so that little slobbery children can safely handle my electronica. Clever. But evil. When Milo was nine months old, he grabbed my old school cell phone and slurped it into his mouth. Before I […]

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The one where I learn the meaning of “mixed company”

December 27, 2011

(While I hang out with my family, I am republishing a post from the 2007 archives for your entertainment. Enjoy!) Last week, Ryan’s company threw a lovely holiday party. We were treated to a sit-down dinner at a well known fancy restaurant. With a babysitter I trusted, and a body that can finally fit in […]

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Toddler’s Rules

September 22, 2011

I saw this on my local parenting listserv (no further source available) and couldn’t resist typing it up.

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Parenting trend: skulls for the soft-skulled crowd?

August 31, 2011

What do you guys think? Love or shove the skull-and-crossbone trend on babies? On one hand, I get that it has a punk rock flavor and appreciate the irony of an edgy, yet toothless, human being. On the other hand, something about the association this symbol has with death just weirds me out. In the […]

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Are you addicted to the Internet?

August 26, 2011

Would you have a hard time going a full day without plugging into facebook or email? You’re not alone. My husband has tried to impose a house rule, “No tweeting before eating” so that I don’t get sucked into the labyrinth before breakfast (and turn into a raving beeyotch). We also have a “No devices […]

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Momversation: I expect a lot from my babysitter

August 9, 2011

The irony of my position on this topic is not lost on me. I was a kid who never cleaned my room or helped with the dishes. When I babysat, I didn’t pick up toys or probably even clear the table unless I was asked to. It just didn’t occur to me. I wrote a […]

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My very strong feelings about socks

August 4, 2011

Socks? Yes, socks. I’m talking baby socks, toddler socks, preschool socks, and all manner of little kid socks from infant on up. I realize in confessing this, I might sound a little crazy. But the truth is that I only buy certain makes, models, and colors of socks and I’ve come to have very strong […]

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Unexpected home birth: I hate it when that happens!

August 2, 2011

Home birth can be a lovely option if you choose it and have the right support team — and upholstery cleaner in place — but that’s not what I want for myself. After my first labor and delivery, I don’t think I’m a good candidate anyway. I realize I never did tell you about my […]

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Love or Shove: Woombie sleep swaddle?

July 19, 2011

I love sleep. I love swaddles. But I can’t tell if this Woombie contraption is the best of both worlds or the worst? Help a nearly-born-again rookie mom out! There’s a video on if you need more help deciding (turn your volume DOWN before you head over).

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Do NOT take your little ones to see Cars 2

July 1, 2011

Before you heed my warning, let me provide a little context. I have seen the original PIXAR Cars movie dozens and dozens of times. When my sons, now 4 and 6, can’t agree on anything else for family movie night, we watch Cars. I took my then 18 month-old to see Cars in the theater […]

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What we REALLY want for Mother’s Day

May 4, 2011

Though we might feel that everyday is Kids’ Day, my nearly-six-year old disagrees. Holden told me that every day is Grown-ups’ Day because we can do what we want, eat what we want, have what we want, and stay up late if we want. He thinks we always get the good stuff. I spoke with […]

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