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Amazon Mom doesn’t know my husband

Surprise Daddy with a message Sharpied on a diaper!

I love Amazon, and so does my husband. He is all about efficiency and setting things up to take care of themselves. We never run out of vitamins, toothpaste, or hair product, thanks to whatever he does on Amazon. I have a more flexible schedule, so while I’m more likely to pick up toilet paper […]

The Control Freak’s Guide to sippy cups

Munchkin Miracle sippy cup system is mom approved

I have one overarching piece of advice for you: Standardize, standardize, standardize! Though any controlling and freaky parent will want to know that she is using the absolute best brand of drinking cup perfectly suited to the environment and the ergonomic shape of a child’s mouth that will never leak… I just want you to buy four of the […]

The Control Freak’s Guide to potty training


Step One: Get someone else to do it. There. I said it. I hate this phase of parenting so much, I wish I could outsource potty training my child altogether. Control freaks like things done on their timelines. Potty training doesn’t work that way. I’m so grateful that the peer pressure potty training technique of my […]

When babies are addicted to screens


Sometimes I post things and I let you be the judge. But today I can’t help myself. This baby seat from Fisher Price, called the Apptivity Seat, features a mirror for baby to look at that is designed to be popped open and replaced with an iPad. In case you want your baby to play […]

The many faces of a Real Mom

What's going on inside the head of a Real Mom

Sometimes I have to pretend to be a “real mom”, one who knows exactly how to behave when she’s told that her son has acted disruptively in a group, kicked a ball through a glass window, or written his name in Sharpie on a playground slide, but the truth is, I have no idea who […]

Flashback Friday: 7up for babies

7-Up for babies ad

. I used to joke that if I ever had a third child, he’d be drinking soda from a baby bottle. This baby above is not my son, but a real-life ad from the good old days. The ad copy reads: This young man is 11 months old – and he isn’t our youngest customer […]

What the flu? (sponsored)

Animated toddler reaching into garbage #WTFlue

For the past few weeks, Whitney and I have been on the lookout for funny, germy behavior from ourselves, our families and our friends as part of an assignment from Clorox to find those unpleasant flu moments that everyone can relate to and highlight them in animated GIFs. I captured my toddler playing in the […]