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5 to 15 minute of baby distracting fun. The best part is you can do it all again tomorrow or even later today.

Love some links

Tangarang: Super-cute stuff to download and print, like the gift tags in the picture (picture is hers) and party favors. 2 craft projects: make a crown for the king of your castle and reuse formula cans to make a piggy bank. How to halve a bunch of grapes at once Our most popular post, How […]

Activity #29: Trick your baby into sitting up

Instead of just waiting around for the big milestones to occur, we want to give you something to do. Sit the baby up in front of you (supporting back shoulders, grab the overall suspenders, or whatever feels right) and dangle toys in front of him. Swinging at toys while seated is a brand new experience. […]

Celebrate our facelift!

Does look a little fresher? A little younger? Maybe a little bit happier? We did a little nip and tuck and we hope it helps people find content that inspires them. We have a super deluxe prize bag to give away in celebration of our new design, so add a comment here to be […]

Enjoy some link love

Visit I am most excited about this discovery. I love the way her information is organized. Use white-out to make a bedtime story personalized from PreschoolMama (similar to our own Alter your board books). Ogle personalized silver items: I think the spoon is a beautiful baby gift – from Lisa Leonard, via Generate […]

Visit links for rookie moms

Just Do It: A couple has sex for 101 consecutive days and lives to tell about it. (My parents noted that The Rookie Mom’s Handbook would be a natural follow-up to their book. Ha ha.) Shop: Mighty Girl tells us 15 perfect baby items that you must register for. Decorate: Cool metal room decorations from […]

Activity #26: Get butt naked

First, my apologies to any pervy googlers. Next, the activity: At least for a little while each day, allow baby to have some time naked, unencumbered by the shackles of a diaper. Just think, this is how your kid lived inside you, just last month in fact. You may want to put an underpad (chux […]