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5 to 15 minute of baby distracting fun. The best part is you can do it all again tomorrow or even later today.

Activity #418: Document Examples of Bad Parenting

Years ago, a reader named Lynnette gave us the idea to start a collection of photos using baby as a prop to demonstrate all the What Not To Dos. I took mental photographs for this collection whenever I found my second child is asleep in her Pack and Play, swaddled tightly, but surrounded by loose extra blankets, burp […]

Fun with foam, part 1


Too wet to go out? Too cold to play ball? (Oh, is that just me and my Summer in the Bay Area? Ha!) Too sick for preschool? This is the ultimate in Drugstore DIY; with a can of shaving cream or a bar of soap, here is lots of good fun that is funny: Microwave […]

Activity #20: Narrate your day

Narrate your day to your baby

Days at home alone with a baby can be soooo long. On the bright side, he’s a very captive audience and interested in all your innermost thoughts. Tell your baby about what you are doing to him when you change his diaper, lift him up, feed him. Narrate life’s little adventures when you clip your […]

Love or Shove? “Walk Mee” Training Walker


You be the judge. This product is sold online for $29.99, though I saw it on LivingSocial Deal for $15. According to the manufacturer: • Guide your little one’s steps without constantly bending over • CPSIA-compliant product teaches tots to balance and walk naturally • Fully adjustable straps for comfort • Machine-washable, 100% polyester shell; […]

Tip: bubble wrap for new moms

New mom tip: pop stress away

The teeny tiny bubble wrap is perfect as a physical outlet for moms trying not to scream at their kids. (Confession: I have done this dozens of times) This is how it works: Get frustrated or annoyed to the point of wanting to scream. Gently, set baby in crib or other safe place. Walk over […]

Activity #204: Microwave a marshmallow


For a quick and questionably tasty science experiment, microwave a marshmallow for about a minute and enjoy the results. Wondering what will happen? The marshmallow will puff up to four times its original size like a poofy souffle. It will be a hot gooey mess before cooling into a crispy pancake. Expect smiles and sticky […]