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Why pre-natal belly dancing just makes sense

Why Prenatal Belly Dancing makes sense

Two conversations I had recently made me think that even though belly dancing sounds intimidating and not-my-thing, I might do it if I were pregnant again. Sitting is the new smoking My friend Kelsey, a life coach and acupuncturist, said “Sitting is the new smoking” during a marathon road trip discussion we had about careers, childbirth, relationships, […]

Would you ever: Let an app name your baby?


I worry that I have gotten dumber in recent years, as I am fearful of driving anywhere without my phone reassuring me that I’m making all the right turns. How did I ever get around before? And picking a restaurant in another city? Can’t do that without learning what everyone else thinks of the restaurant […]

How to paint your big pregnant belly

Painting a pregnant belly

A question we’ve received from readers more than once is this: What type of paint is safe for painting my pregnant belly? Well, this confirms there are tons of women out there as weird as I am. However, I’m not a dermatologist or even a paintologist, so I am usually hesitant to make a guess, […]