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Inventive ideas for putting your baby in front of the camera and enjoying the resulting pictures

Activity #220: Insert foot in mouth. Snap photo.

Photograph amazing baby feats

Can your baby do anything particularly incredible that your adult body can’t do? Your mission is to photograph your little companion sucking her toes or sitting in the sink for a bath. Share your baby’s contortionist achievement in the comments.

Activity #161: Walk this way

New walkers are adorbs

Little pre-walkers need lots of practice and encouragement. Walk around slowly holding junior’s hands and take crazy cute pictures. If possible, get someone to take a picture from behind with baby and your adult hands supporting him – also adorable! [photo of my family by alex cave]

Put your babe in a mug


Follow the hashtag #babeinamug on Instagram and you’ll quickly see that this is a Thing. Thanks to the clever blogger MommyShorts, who composed the collage above, babies and mugs are being photographed with this perspective trickery — and shared on social media. If you are able to capture such a shot and participate in this […]

Things we love: Pictures of twins

adult twins

Twin parents, I know you get tired of answering our questions, especially the dumb ones. But, to the rest of us, there’s something so exciting about parenting twin children, and also? There’s something very magical about having a sibling your exact same age. (I certainly had a twin fantasy as a child. Did any of […]

Whit’s Picks: Photography book for moms

hose + containers = toddler fun

First, a disclosure: I know the author of this book and she is a lovely person. Second, I won mine at the EVO conference I attended in May. There was an Oprah moment where the presenters announced that everyone should reach under their chairs and that ten people would have won a copy of Elevate […]

Makin’ it: A coffee table-worthy photo book


photo: c. jane create on blurb’s facebook page Most of us don’t have the photo chops to make a book as lovely as the one I’m sharing below by Casey Mullins. She is a talented photographer (and writer) and has an eye for editing that makes her pages so beautiful that I almost want to […]

7 tips for frightfully good Halloween photos


Rookie dad and camera gadget junkie Brian Russell wrote to us and offered to share photography tips  for Halloween. His own twins Max and Wyatt are a bit too young for candy, but not for costumes. For parents wanting to capture the night’s special moments on camera, it can seem like a trifecta of tricky […]

Use baby as a prop in your Halloween costume


Now that you have your very own baby, your Halloween costume options have really expanded. If your baby is pretty new, she can be carted around with you, with no regard to bedtime. Enjoy it while it lasts. A few ways use your baby as a fun prop or sidekick to your own costume. Some […]