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Activity #556: Chill out in the snow

December 20, 2011

After returning from a jaunt to Tahoe with his toddler, Ainslie, our friend Doug gave me tips on fun stuff to do in the snow. (That’s right old friends, I’m embarrassed to admit it but snow is something we visit out here — not endure. And we “jaunt”). For the baby set: Walk around with […]

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Activity #49: Run errands or walk errands

December 5, 2011

Since my New Year’s resolution every year since Julian was born has been to walk 10,000 steps a day, and so far I have failed miserably, I have a new piece of advice for myself. I should be doing as many errands as I can on foot. I did so much better when I was […]

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Activity #48: Find some excellent graffiti

November 28, 2011

This challenge, your 48th, goes out to all the urban mamas who need a scavenger hunt for the day. Take a picture of your baby in front of graffiti – as explained by Dutch, the dad who writes on Sweet Juniper. He has an awesome set of Flickr photos that inspired us to do this. […]

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Activity #42: Take a pumpkin picture

October 17, 2011

Your 42nd weekly challenge is a seasonal photo assignment. You can’t take a bad picture in a pumpkin patch. Good assignment, right? Find a pumpkin patch. Go. Take pictures. Use hay as a background, too.   If you do this, we would LOVE to see your photos on our rookiemoms facebook page. Is your baby […]

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Activity #38: Take a sensory tour around the block

September 19, 2011

Whitney ran into my friend Jeanine outside her house. Jeanine was helping her 9-month old daughter, Pepper, touch some furry lavender sticking out from Whitney’s garden, and didn’t realize whose house it was. The girls had been going on a sensory tour of the neighborhood. Try it yourself to keep the neighborhood walks interesting: Stop […]

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Activity #34: Host a Margarita Mommies Group

August 22, 2011

This week’s challenge is a summery activity for babies that can sit up on their own; this is your 34th challenge. These ten-month olds (Theo, Del, Julian and Paxton) are having so much fun slurping on plastic toys and touching one another’s toes that they don’t realize their moms are having fun too. Ingredients for […]

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Giveaway: Flipcam + more from GoGo SqueeZ ($225 value)

August 18, 2011

Dear readers, this contest is closed. We will contact the winner offline. Peace out. Did you see the post last month where Whitney showed how her kids used the summer fun kit from GoGo SqueeZ? It cracked me up. Our children — born at the same hospital and living only 2 miles apart — could […]

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Moms on Bikes, Part deux

July 20, 2011

As promised, a few more “Moms on Bikes” pictures for cycling enthusiasts. To see me and Heather (6 months pregnant) on our cruisers, go back to this post. Our friend Rachel on her due date in Copenhagen Rachel returns home from the hospital after delivering Oscar a few days later. Triplet tandem bike in Amsterdam, […]

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Twins Week: Walking my way to sanity

July 15, 2011

Today’s thoughtful post about finding your groove as a twin mama is shared by Rachel Gurevich. Rachel mothers four amazing kids, writes about fertility for because she has been there and done that. Thanks Rachel! Twins are really cute in photographs. They make great viral video material, and the idea of having a best […]

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Activity #28: Pack a picnic and roll in the grass

July 11, 2011

The challenge for the day is to take advantage of a warm afternoon and feed your family outside; it’s time for a family picnic. It is so much easier to clean up Cheerio crumbs when I can just shake my blanket into the grass and leave the rest to the bugs. I like to keep […]

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Activity #27: Go swimming

July 4, 2011

Taking the baby in the pool is both scary and funny. A kid’s gotta stick his toe into the water at some point, right? Buy a package of disposable swim diapers or a reusable one, and plan your outing. This is our 27th rookie mom challenge. If you are alone, think carefully through the logistics […]

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Activity #26: Count your steps

June 27, 2011

Your 26th weekly challenge is to invest in a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps each day. You’ll be surprised how many steps a mom can take just running around the house, but if you’re going to reach 10,000, you’ll need to take a walk outside for sure. This is good motivation to get some […]

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