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Activity #1: Pretend you’re in Paris

February 10, 2014

This is an outing for beginners: go to your favorite coffee/tea venue. You have about five more months to enjoy cafe culture. For your sake, I hope that some of this includes the warmer months. Once your baby crawls, she will not tolerate your fondness for people watching or spacing out, so live it up […]

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Yes, I love to play fetch with my crazy active children

January 30, 2014

There’s a scene in the movie Knocked Up in which the parents mock the “clueless bachelor” for playing fetch with the kids (around min 1:45 in this preview for those with no patience). Well, screw that; there’s no shame in inventing games that get children to chase things that are tossed for them. Little people […]

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Family Fun Hikes: Expectations vs Reality

January 14, 2014

Recently, RookieDad Alec and I took our two older boys around a two-mile hiking trail in the Berkeley hills. We left the toddler at home to give the big boys some special attention. My oldest, nearly nine, had chosen the path because he knows it well from summer camps and school field trips. As we circled […]

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Never give your toddler food coloring

December 3, 2013

I’ve been sitting on this “toddler friendly” art print project for YEARS because I wanted to test it before giving it my stamp of approval. Instead — holy cats, people! — I learned the hard way: NEVER GIVE A TODDLER FOOD COLORING. Let me back up a bit. The following activity was suggested to me […]

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Flashback Friday: Boys at the park

September 20, 2013

Babies in swings: Holden (L) and Julian (R) circa Sep 2005 Buddies on the play structure Holden (L) and Julian (R) circa Sep 2008 These boys are now eight years old and on the same soccer team; this is the closest thing I can get for a photo together. Holden (L) and Julian (R) playing soccer […]

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Activity #173: Chase the garbage truck

September 18, 2013

My friend Mike used to take his toddler Miles out for Garbage Truck Friday each week without fail. They did it for years. Their routine included picking up muffins from the local bakery and following the garbage truck all over Oakland for an hour or so. It was something that they both looked forward to. […]

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What to Wear: toddler camping version

July 6, 2013

Previously posted in July, 2010. That’s right, I’m on vacation! Tennis shoes, flip-flops, water shoes: what’s a kid to wear on a camping trip? My parents recently took my kiddos camping for three nights. (Yes, I know how incredibly lucky we are.) My step-mom reported back to me that the two pairs of shoes each […]

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Camping with a toddler, take 1

July 2, 2013

In a case of perfect timing, I received this post from Christina just as I was packing to take my family on a modified camping trip. Her son, Robby, is nearly the exact same age as my little guy. I already know we disagree on a couple points, but I LOVE her very strong opinions […]

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Activity #221: Run Mommy run

June 26, 2013

Before my first pregnancy, I trained for triathlons with The Half-Asses, a subset of my now-husband’s club, Team Bad Ass. Right now, I have a loose routine to run with a preschool parent-friend after drop-off twice per week and it works pretty well with neither of us wanting to let the other one down. She […]

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Tech Tuesday: Geeky apps to get you outside with baby

April 23, 2013

Geeky moms and dads need to leave the house too, right? While I love seeing you here on the blog, I want you to get fresh air and sunshine. If you need someone to give you some points for your effort, try one of these apps to gamify your outings. Geo-location apps turn walks with […]

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Activity #538: Take your toddler for a latte

January 25, 2013

My middle school ex-boyfriend, Neil, is now a rookie dad to a toddler (ain’t facebook great?). He likes to take his son, Graham, out in the Burley trailer for coffee dates. Neil drinks the coffee while Graham sips his leche. Neil reports: Even in the fun Portland winter weather, I like to take Graham out […]

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5 Super easy outings to do with your baby

October 25, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta get out of the house. We say it all the time. You might not really want to, but if its noon and you haven’t showered yet or if it’s 4pm and you’ve been rattling around your cage all day, IT IS TIME. I’m getting stir crazy on your behalf. Armed with […]

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