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Stop talking about sleep! {Rookie Moms Challenge #21}

May 2, 2014

When my friend, a fellow new mom, told me that she gave up complaining for Lent, I thought she was a genius. So, instead of complaining about how my child was sleeping, I simply talked nonstop about it. Eventually, I had completely exhausted and bored myself talking about Weston’s sleep patterns, so I thought it […]

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Stroller adventures in the snow {Rookie Moms Challenge #15}

March 13, 2014

The Challenge: leave your neighborhood! There is only so long a rookie mom can stay inside during a cold winter before she just about loses her mind. So, on a recent Friday, I decided we needed to just do it: go out and walk. I know that seems like a simple task, but with the […]

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Ellen Pompeo talks about diapers and motherhood

October 5, 2010

With a tight schedule, barking dogs, and a napping baby, it could have been any of our new mommy friends on the quick phone call from which we just hung up. Instead, a few bloggers were lucky to have a chance to chat with Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy about her life as a new […]

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Activity #522: Let your preschooler do the laundry

July 15, 2008

Ahh, yes the laundry. It plagues me to the point where last night Alec was out with friends and all I wanted to do was to curl up with a movie and a beer and fold laundry after the boys were in bed. So, what’s the activity? Where’s the fun that makes mommy happy and […]

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Activity #438: Have some no-impact fun

August 15, 2007

We’re not so big into TV at our houses but as our babies turn into toddlers, you will find our sets tuned into the odd Wonder Pets, Signing Time, or Sesame Street at various times throughout the day. So as we struggle with new babies and clever little toddlers and our creativity is starting to […]

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Spend a week in New York City

May 18, 2007

Mommy Poppins runs a fun site about getting more out of living in NYC with babies. She was sweet enough to write up a week’s worth of her favorite activities exploring different neighborhoods: This is my idea of the ultimate itinerary for a week of things to do in NYC with a baby or toddler. […]

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