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Frozen birthday party ideas

April 9, 2014

Last night I made the possible mistake of inviting my kids to help me brainstorm what a Frozen-themed birthday party might look like. This morning I learned that Scarlett took that as a cue to start making her guest list — and her birthday is not for three months. Though I may have signed up for […]

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Yeah, I brought a BABY to music class {Rookie Moms Challenge #41}

April 8, 2014

Today’s challenge: Test-drive some free music and movement classes. A friend recently mentioned to me that there are music class for babies to which I responded with judgy eyes. “Really? Take your baby to a music class?” I said. “Can’t they be stimulated by a rock at this age? Is that really necessary?” But upon further […]

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Amazingly creative helmets for babies with plagiocephaly

March 27, 2014

Babies wearing helmets may have them on as much as 23 hours per day. Why NOT make it fun? All these photos are the work of Lazardo Art. If you want to help anxious moms with infant helmet purchases in their future, please pin this or like it to help spread the word about this […]

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Introducing fearless rookie mom, Kristin Helms

March 7, 2014

I’m so excited to introduce you to Kristin Helms, a San Diego mama to baby Blake, who has been tackling and documenting our rookie moms challenges for 6 weeks now! Awesome, right? We had the pleasure of seeing these two in person last week when we attended the Baby Bloggy Bootcamp in the same city. […]

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Sick day resource: free printables online

February 18, 2014

Thanks to Pediacare for sponsoring this post. My kids have an odd quality: they don’t like to watch movies. It must be because their family life is so incredibly fulfilling that an onscreen fantasy world is simply boring by comparison. (That’s sarcasm.) Or they’re just weird. Either way, it makes sick days really challenging. Keeping […]

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Motherhood changes everything, but what, specifically?

February 13, 2014

Whitney and I attended the 21st Century Mom Insights Discussion at Babycenter yesterday and this is something we wanted to share with you.  Motherhood changes everything. We know this fact but what does it mean in real terms? Yes, I could go on about how it changed my feet, my hair, my sleep but that’s […]

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Introducing six new rookie moms!

January 27, 2014

As Heather and I have given away all of our maternity clothes, donated our front carriers to friends and neighbors, and deemed our families “complete”, we thought it was time to bring in some voices from the frontlines of baby-having. We were thrilled by pretty much every submission we got, and asked some folks to […]

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Activity #88: Whiteboard your baby’s innermost thoughts

January 21, 2014

We admired this adorable idea from blogger Jen Johnson on Pinterest. What a cute way to capture and share baby news. Keep in mind that her lighting is absolutely perfect and unless you live in a photography studio, yours might be less so. I’m not sure about the painted frame around the whiteboard. Looks like […]

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Cool doohickie prevents accidental overdose of baby meds

January 16, 2014

This heated conversation is sponsored by PediaCare. Do you remember your baby’s first fever? The first time Whitney called to tell me that her baby had a fever, I didn’t have a baby of my own, but I could tell from her tone of voice, I was supposed to care A LOT. Fast forward to […]

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3-month old dressed up as a boxer, a ballerina, a Mexican wrestler, and more

January 15, 2014

The totally awesome Pregnant Chicken tipped me off to this series of photographs by French artist Malo, who dressed his enfant up in an array of impeccable costumes for these photographs. See Malo’s site for more of these photos. While I’m impressed by the concept and composition of the photos, what I really want to […]

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Introducing a magic online wizard that tells you which medicine to use on your child

December 23, 2013

Thanks to Pediacare for sponsoring this post. Since cold and flu season has arrived, I’ve seen a handful of nightmarish status updates on Facebook from my mom friends. Fevers, vomiting, and then catching the same set of symptoms a week or two later in the same house. I’m knocking on the wood counter my laptop […]

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{Sponsored} Virtual gift idea: Snarf up as many books as you want with Scribd

December 12, 2013

Thanks to Scribd for sponsoring this post, but it was already my idea to uncover the latest and greatest clutter-free holiday gifts. I love to read fiction, but I also have a habit of buying and adding to my wish list loads of craft books. I have so many craft books, I briefly considered starting […]

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