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Having 2+ kids

Twins, baby bunching, third baby, middle child. If you have more than one rookie baby, this section is for you.

Rookie Santa tip: Team up for stocking stuffers

rookie santa tip from rookiemoms: Buy stocking stuffers in bulk and share

Friends, nine Christmases into this parenting thing and I have a useful tip to share: You can and your friends can go in on stocking stuffers. Here’s how: Mentally assemble your friends with similar age kids and share this post with a little note saying, “This! I want to do this for Christmas.” Gather up […]

Best carriers for 2nd babies

Best (royal) baby carrier: DAD

We love baby carriers to keep parents’ hands-free. Period. But there’s something about a second (or subsequent) baby that takes things up a notch. Not only should the baby be held securely by the chosen device but also: … a toddler may need to be chased, wrestled, diaper-changed, or strolled. … the carrier should be […]