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Having 2+ kids

Twins, baby bunching, third baby, middle child. If you have more than one rookie baby, this section is for you.

Rookie Santa tip: Team up for stocking stuffers

rookie santa tip from rookiemoms: Buy stocking stuffers in bulk and share

Friends, nine Christmases into this parenting thing and I have a useful tip to share: You can and your friends can go in on stocking stuffers. Here’s how: Mentally assemble your friends with similar age kids and share this post with a little note saying, “This! I want to do this for Christmas.” Gather up […]

Best carriers for 2nd babies

Best (royal) baby carrier: DAD

We love baby carriers to keep parents’ hands-free. Period. But there’s something about a second (or subsequent) baby that takes things up a notch. Not only should the baby be held securely by the chosen device but also: … a toddler may need to be chased, wrestled, diaper-changed, or strolled. … the carrier should be […]

Bedtime at my house (with 3 kids)


This post about putting my children to bed was sponsored by Huggies. We recently asked our fabulous facebook community what you’d like to read from us and Kristal said “Bedtime routines, specifically for multiple kids of varying ages and stages without going nuts.” Welp, Kristal, this one’s for you though I can’t promise the without […]