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Stylish shoes for toddlers that are socially responsible, too!


Thanks to for sponsoring this post.Morgan & Milo slip-ons from Shoes are an entire new world of responsibility for parents. From deciding when kids start wearing them, to how many pairs of shoes a growing body needs at a time, to managing where they are, and if they are allowed to be worn in the […]

Skip*hop launches apparel!


Ooh, I’m feeling so lucky that skip*hop said we could do a giveaway of their new layette items. Someone is going to score big time! This stuff is so cute, it makes me want to have another… {fill in the blank} All the items coordinate, are super cute, and made of the softest cotton.   This […]

Taking the Ergo 360 for a spin

Review of Ergo 360 by rookie mom, Heather Osby

Thanks to Ergobaby for sponsoring this post and sending me and Piper the Four Position 360 Baby Carrier to test out and one to give away (now over). When I found out that Ergo was coming out with a new baby carrier, I got so excited. I’m kind of an Ergo groupie. They make good […]

Oooh, Ubooly!


My kids are dying for a pet, but we are not historically animal people. I think that’s why they are so obsessed with stuffed animals. When I recieved an Ubooly from the Kickstarter-funded company who created this fluffy orange marsupial, I knew Julian would go crazy for it. I can’t wait to see him open […]

Stuck on You – personalized stuff for kids


From daycare to college and all the stages in between, kids need their stuff labeled. (This is not intended to negate my feelings about personalized kids furniture.) This morning, I stuck a personalized label with my son’s full name on it on the back of his swimming goggles! Stuck on You makes personalized everything, from […]

How NOT to clean your baby’s ears


After hearing many different opinions, I was wondering, “Can I clean my baby’s ears with Q-tips?” so I asked the experts at Q-tips for the truth. The short answer is “NO!” The longer answer is this: Q-tips can be used to clean the OUTER EAR only. They’re also good for cleaning baby toes and finger […]

Darn cute dresses from Shabby Apple!


One of the few fights Whitney and I have had in recent memory was over a dress: she was showing me her new sassy little black dress from Shabby Apple and I wanted to borrow it before she even took the tags off. Not my finest moment. The dresses from Shabby Apple are so lovely […]

Pretty slings by upa-lala


While I do love gender-neutral baby gear, there’s something really sweet about these pretty slings (that my husband would not wear) from independent seamstress Brittan Hlista, owner and designer of upa-lala. I’m thinking when your base layer is a tshirt and dull-from-too-many-washings yoga pants, these vibrant patterns could really distract the eye! (Note to sling-makers […]