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This is what we’re all about, tracking, counting, recording, measuring…

Activity #94: Send a message via diapers

Surprise Daddy with a message Sharpied on a diaper!

I love; the site offers tons of clever suggestions from readers with kids of all ages. This is one of my favorite parent hacks, and I think it’s a sweet, simple Valentine’s Day gesture: Pass secret messages on diapers. The parent/hacker who submitted it wrote: The other day after “school” I was surprised at […]

When babies are addicted to screens


Sometimes I post things and I let you be the judge. But today I can’t help myself. This baby seat from Fisher Price, called the Apptivity Seat, features a mirror for baby to look at that is designed to be popped open and replaced with an iPad. In case you want your baby to play […]

How we geeked out on watching our baby sleep

VTech Safe & Sound® Pan & Tilt Full-Color Video & Audio Monitor

Thanks to VTech and the new Safe & Sound® Pan & Tilt Full-Color Video & Audio Monitor for sponsoring this post and offering one up for you (see below). One of the earliest taglines of this website was “the geeky girls guide to the first year of motherhood” because of our dedication to counting, measuring, and […]