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Picky kids

Feeding picky babies, picky toddlers, picky preschoolers? We’ve got lots of ideas!

5 easy dinners, most of them tasty!


Yes I am the home cook who tries to prepare tasty meals within the span of two Curious George episodes (or — gah! — Dinosaur Train). This week, I had great success in making a work-week’s worth of easy healthy meals. Unfortunately, they were not all delicious. Monday: Salmon, chard, beets, biscuits — delicious! Monday […]

Fix a toddler snack

For those who have kids who eat real food, I wanted to share this web site: For those who have a newborn in the house, you might find it convenient to go back to some basics for snacking. Cheese sticks, apple slices, dried fruit. These are all easy to put into ziploc bags in […]