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Picky kids

Feeding picky babies, picky toddlers, picky preschoolers? We’ve got lots of ideas!

Activity #55: Feed your baby pumpkin


Simple, cheap, healthy baby food nominee of the month: pumpkin. The fall fruits and vegetables provide a ton of great choices for easy baby food. With all the whipping and mashing, we are pretty much all eating baby food this time of year. One of my favorite go-to, easy peasy options is pumpkin. Just open […]

Taco night, a new weekly tradition

kitchen helpers

One of my favorite dinners as a kid was taco night, where everyone got to make their own tacos from a buffet of filling choices. When you’re a kid, people are always telling you what you can and can’t do or what you should and shouldn’t eat. Taco night is autonomy. It’s freedom from authority. […]

Fix a toddler snack

For those who have kids who eat real food, I wanted to share this web site: For those who have a newborn in the house, you might find it convenient to go back to some basics for snacking. Cheese sticks, apple slices, dried fruit. These are all easy to put into ziploc bags in […]