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Picky kids

Feeding picky babies, picky toddlers, picky preschoolers? We’ve got lots of ideas!

Reader tip: Minestrone soup for toddlers

Meal you can share with baby: Minestrone or vegetable soup

Sarah reports that her son Theo has never met a food he doesn’t like. Lucky mama! She shared a tip that sounded brilliant to me: Take a can of low-sodium minestrone soup and dump it in a strainer. Serve your self-feeding baby or toddler the remaining bits and let him explore what he likes. “Pasta, […]

What to do with picky eaters?


One of the most popular topics people come here searching for is “food ideas for picky kids”. If you are one of those seekers of answers, I feel you. My son is picky, too. I can’t resist pointing out, however, that my baby brother was very picky as a child, including NO FRUIT ON HIS […]

Healthy snacks for little kids

3 little boys in pajamas

I am sharing my views on healthy snacks for little ones courtesy of Mott’s Snack and Go Applesauce Pouches. Some time between breastfeeding and back-to-school, there’s a transition: a nursing baby can eat up to 12 times per day while an adult human generally has three meals per day with a snack or two thrown […]

Stuff I like right now: baby feeding edition


At seven months old, Sawyer is eating and drinking whatever he can get his mouth on. Still nursing but also bottle-feeding, spoon-feeding, and dabbling in finger food. And, as always, I have some very strong opinions! I have a whole new arsenal of baby feeding products in rotation so wanted to share a few of […]