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Dinner on the table

Tricks, hacks, books, and experiments to dinner on the table Every Single Night.

Activity #148: Fill your freezer before your baby arrives

fridge sketch

A couple years ago, before this new little baby was a twinkle in my eye, I reached out to Erin Chase from 5 Dollar Dinners to ask her for her EASIEST tips for new moms trying to get dinner on the table. She went one better. Rather than a few handy tips, she shared with […]

The Ragu Panel recap


Remember those videos I made with the Ragú® folks? One of the other moms, Daphne, was saying that she got stuck in a dinner rut and actually watched one of her own videos and felt re-invigorated. I love it! Who better from to get tips that actually work for your unique situation? Yourself! Dear self, […]

Dinner together – do you do it? (Sponsored)


Tell me about your dinner rituals. Are you driven by treasured memories of the way you grew up or by a determination to compensate for what you never had? Or do work schedules dictate a barely-make-it-to-the-table-and-it’s-witching-hour-so-I’ll-just-eat-cereal-at-9-pm practice in your household? My role in the kitchen has changed radically since I’ve had kids. My husband and […]

The problem with potlucks (sponsored)


We recently saw this funny video from CoolMom, Daphne, about the downside of the potluck. We have long recommended that new moms host potlucks so that people will bring food to you (score!) while you do as you please with your baby (all your gear, crib, whatever!), but we hadn’t considered the problem of that […]