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Dinner on the table

Tricks, hacks, books, and experiments to dinner on the table Every Single Night.

The gift I want to give every new mom: FOOD!

Favorite recipes for new moms: spaghetti and meatballs from Katie Workman's Mom 100 Cookbook

Is there anything more wonderful than a freshly cooked meal delivered to your door when you’re hungry? I treasured each and every meal brought to me by loving friends when I was home bonding with a newborn. Now that I have three children (under my belt? out from my belt area?), I still believe that […]

I bribed my picky eater with toy dinosaurs for 2 weeks

I bribed my child to eat healthy food with toy dinosaurs

Professionals recommend bribery Inspired by an NPR/Freakonomics story about bribery in which an economist gives each of his four children the opportunity to earn “a lot of money” for eating fresh fish in Hawaii every day during their vacation, I decided to try to bribe my preschooler with trinkets to try new-to-him foods. After all, […]

Pizza to the rescue. Again.


This is the second post in our series sponsored by Annie’s Homegrown. When Julian started playing soccer, I suddenly understood why fast food is so dang popular with families in America. Working parents and afterschool activities combine in a way that makes the dinner production incredibly challenging. Now Scarlett is in gymnastics and Julian has […]