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Breastfeeding, nursing bras, pumping, doing it in public — loving it, hating it, or just surviving?! We’re here for you.

7 surprising truths about breastfeeding

Stuff nursing moms should know

Thanks to Philips AVENT for sponsoring this post as part of an ongoing series about breastfeeding and pumping. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself these little nuggets of wisdom. Here are seven truths about breastfeeding that took me completely by surprise. Some will reveal my ignorance — sorry! — but maybe […]

15 things to do while you’re pumping

What to do while pumping -- a guide for working moms.

I have heard some crazy stories about where people have pumped: driving down the highway (hooray for hands-free pumping bras!); on an airplane; in a multi-stall bathroom at work surrounded by young 20-somethings who had no freaking idea what you were doing or why, only that it was weird. Ok fine, I was the young […]

Checklist for pumping moms


Checklist for pumping moms: Pump. Double electric is terrific for daily pumpers; a hand pump might do the trick for occasional pumpers. Know your lifestyle, then choose. Bottles & Flanges. The flange is the funny funnel-shaped thing that goes on your breasts; most allow you to pump milk right into bottles and/or storage bags. Count […]

Whining about weaning, the weight gain

stats on weight gain and calories for breastfeeding

I was kvetching on twitter the other day about how my middle is expanding while my rings are getting loose. What gives? Knowing I recently weaned, Annie from PhD in Parenting shared her brilliantly geektastic assessment of the calories and breastfeeding roller coaster. Though she doesn’t exactly explain why the gut is ample but the […]