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We give you our no-BS opinion on many books in the parenting genre from awesome cookbooks for busy parents to the book that tells your mom to step off (but you totally still love and trust her). From fun to serious. Oh, and did we mention, we have a book?!

Book review for new parents: The Wonder Weeks


When we posted a list of 9 books for new moms and dads, I left out a book recommended by New Jersey reader Rebecca Cain, The Wonder Weeks because I had never heard of it and wanted to learn more. I asked Rebecca to tell me more about the book and she’s done us all […]

How to: Romance after birth


We put this little tip at the beginning of The Rookie Mom’s Handbook because as discussed earlier this week, it’s easy to put your love life on hold when you have explicit instructions from the doctor to do so.  But remember: Dr. Obgyn never said you couldn’t make out. The Rookie Mom’s Handbook is available […]

Minimalist Parenting will bring you more joy

Minimalist Parenting

That’s a pretty bold claim, huh? Well, it’s true. If you follow the exercises and suggestions in the Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less book by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest you will automatically bring more good stuff into your life while avoiding more crap. Here are a few brief excerpts that […]

The frustrating Fourth Trimester


Susan Brink, a journalist and grandmother of six, has authored a new book called The Fourth Trimester: Understanding, Protecting, and Nurturing an Infant Through the First Three Months. After hearing about her research, I asked her, “What is the deal with newborns? Why are they so fussy and floppy? And how is it possible to […]

How blogging changed my life, by Rita Arens

Rita Arens

Rita Arens started her blog, Surrender, Dorothy, while on maternity leave with her now-eight-year-old daughter. In celebration of her new book launch, we asked her to look back in the wayback machine to share how she found support in the blogosphere. I remember those early days — and my desperation for connection at odd hours […]

Whit’s Picks: Photography book for moms

hose + containers = toddler fun

First, a disclosure: I know the author of this book and she is a lovely person. Second, I won mine at the EVO conference I attended in May. There was an Oprah moment where the presenters announced that everyone should reach under their chairs and that ten people would have won a copy of Elevate […]