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And now for something completely absurd


Nine hours spent in the Kenmore Live studio in Chicago over the weekend were filled with activity. The forty-five bloggers in attendance got divided into teams and we participated in challenges throughout the day, reality tv-style, while cameras followed us around the studio. I do not have vegetable chopping skills like a cooking channel contestant, […]

Jennifer’s Fearless Friday


My friend Jen was smart, funny, and full of energy. She died on Wednesday after a long, adventurous, and courageous bout with cancer. I’m not telling you this to ruin your day, but because I thought that watching the video she made on her 40th birthday might stir up some good feelings. She left such […]

Talking to our children about the scary world


Tragedy, crisis, tsunami, earthquake, war. While I’m excited to be a panelist on Momversation, this was a scary topic to start with. How do you share world events and tragedies with your kids? Or do you keep your heads buried in the sand completely? I was talking with Mr. Lady and Redneck Mommy — both […]

How many places can you walk?


Sometimes Heather and I worry that we are making assumptions about our readers’ lifestyles that aren’t true. We assume everyone lives in a place like we live, where you can walk to a dry cleaner, corner markets, and to some pretty great destinations if you are willing to push a stroller for 15 or 20 […]

Baby Halloween ideas — already!

Scarlett is a 3-month old workout queen, 2007

We were interviewed last year for a fun article on decorating onesies for Halloween. How can you turn an ordinary baby onesie into a costume as a bumble bee, robot, business person, ipod, or cowboy? Read the article on for a bunch of adorable, funny, and EASY ideas.