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Jennifer’s Fearless Friday

July 22, 2011

My friend Jen was smart, funny, and full of energy. She died on Wednesday after a long, adventurous, and courageous bout with cancer. I’m not telling you this to ruin your day, but because I thought that watching the video she made on her 40th birthday might stir up some good feelings. She left such […]

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Talking to our children about the scary world

March 23, 2011

Tragedy, crisis, tsunami, earthquake, war. While I’m excited to be a panelist on Momversation, this was a scary topic to start with. How do you share world events and tragedies with your kids? Or do you keep your heads buried in the sand completely? I was talking with Mr. Lady and Redneck Mommy — both […]

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Yes I am. Top 10 reasons Whitney should have suspected I’m pregnant

March 18, 2011

A couple months ago, Whitney casually mentioned that when I was pregnant in the past, I told her too soon, so she never got a chance to guess. Well not this time. I made her sweat it out nearly 13 weeks before I drove over to her house with a lima-bean-style ultrasound and blurted it […]

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Is blood thicker than corn syrup?

October 5, 2010

I grew up the daughter of a butcher. As a consequence, I’ve always been a meat snob. So much so, that people often mistook me for a vegetarian because I wouldn’t eat whatever crappy shrink-wrapped meat they purchased at the grocery store. But I was just picky. As a kid, if I didn’t want pork […]

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How many places can you walk?

September 23, 2010

Sometimes Heather and I worry that we are making assumptions about our readers’ lifestyles that aren’t true. We assume everyone lives in a place like we live, where you can walk to a dry cleaner, corner markets, and to some pretty great destinations if you are willing to push a stroller for 15 or 20 […]

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Back to preschool: wardrobe battles

September 12, 2010

Tell me, fellow parents, how do you get your kid to pose for those cute pictures in the cute outfits? Is there a candy bribe involved? Threats? I’ve already mentioned my obsession with capturing that perfect back-to-school moment. Holden, though he wouldn’t let me take a picture, allowed me to dress him any which way […]

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Baby Halloween ideas — already!

September 2, 2010

We were interviewed last year for a fun article on decorating onesies for Halloween. How can you turn an ordinary baby onesie into a costume as a bumble bee, robot, business person, ipod, or cowboy? Read the article on for a bunch of adorable, funny, and EASY ideas.

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Thanks for the sweet ride, GMC!

August 25, 2010

Now that I’ve been home for 2 weeks, I have finally recovered from my family vacation. Because we live on the West Coast and our families live Out East, every time we cross the Mississippi, it turns into a full-on Family Vacation, capital letters required. This year, we managed to sync up my plans to […]

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BlogHer ’10 Highlights (and lowlights)

August 19, 2010

Now that I’m back home and into my normal groove, reflecting on BlogHer feels surreal. Was I really there? I spent an amazing long weekend feeling totally B-List. And that’s a good thing (I felt neither invisible nor obligated to be the funniest person in the room). I know a solid handful of people, although […]

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Going on a “Vacation”

July 28, 2010

Holy Cow! I’m getting on an airplane tomorrow with my family for a little pre-Blogher “vacation.” I can’t help but put the word Vacation in quotes. I’d use air-quotes if that was available. My extended family has a fabulous lakeside cottage in Upstate New York that is a decent drive from where I grew up […]

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5 things I have learned from Whitney

July 22, 2010

Whitney and I have been friends since 1996 when our then-boyfriends were best friends with each other. We used to share adventures before there were babies on the scene: being short at concerts, snowboarding in the slow lane, dancing (but not late), crafting, clothes-swapping, London, etc. Since Julian is six months older than my rookie […]

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Carnival: gardens and the great outdoors

July 20, 2010

As part of the Healthy Child Blog Carnival, on the theme of Splendor in the Grass, we submitted my post about urban chicken farming. This carnival is part of an ongoing effort by Healthy Child Healthy World to help inspire a movement to protect children from harmful chemicals. The theme of backyards drew a wide […]

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