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Just say YES to holiday stress

How to say YES to holiday stress

This post on reducing stress was sponsored by Pediacare as part of a continuing series on wellness. The holidays will officially begin when my mom arrives for Thanksgiving week. We’ll slide down a rabbit hole of sugar castles, half marathons, turkey dinners, and chaos that continues on through New Year’s Day. And somewhere in there, […]

You’re so effing special!

What the hell am I doing here? Karaoke with mom

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all. I wanted to share this photo of my mama and me singing karaoke Radiohead Creep (see the monitor? awesome!) and remind you about our unusually high number of giveaways happening right now. New new mama? Win a breast pump from Philips AVENT. Got a bigger kid? Win a child size mattress […]

Tech Tuesday: On-demand parenting advice

A few of the experts from Kids in the House

If all the top parenting experts were your best friends and available in that “call me anytime” way via skype, then your middle-of-the-night feedings might start to look a little bit like Worried that you’re holding your baby too much? A top pediatrician will reassure you. Have questions about if you’re producing enough breastmilk, […]

Weekend outing: storytime at babyGap

PeterRabbit reading in Corte Madera at babyGap

Whitney is reading a modern twist on a classic children’s story as part of a great big awesome nationwide event to raise awareness and BOOKS for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have them. Awesome, right? She tells me that since The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit was written in British English, she’ll be donning an accent […]

Happy New Year 2013!


I choose to believe that this year of ’13 will be super lucky, and I wish you the same. Because, people, I’m gonna be FORTY so it can’t not be awesome. Inspired by my pal Sarah, I’m adding fortune cookies to my traditional New Year’s Eve to put everyone in the mood for an enlightened […]

Thank you for existing, Urban Sitter!


Big thanks to Urban Sitter for their sponsorship this month. I’m writing this post so you know what they’re all about. The other night, Heather and I joined some other bloggers for dinner in San Francisco. We were nine ladies, crammed around two bistro-style tables, ordering burgers and sweet potato fries. Everyone had young kids […]