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World travel is better with a toddler

September 10, 2013

Our friends, Karen and Ross, just returned from an amazing European escape with their toddler son, Laz. Skeptical that a trip with a rowdy one-year old could be relaxing, I asked her to share their story with us. I hope you like it as much as I do. Almost a year ago, I wrote a […]

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How I get my preschooler to make his own breakfast

August 23, 2013

This is how I attempt to both empower my child’s independence and my own rest by making self-service food prep a reality. Let’s start with breakfast. I strongly encourage my big boys to make their own cereal in the morning by putting the milk on a low shelf in a container they can easily pour. […]

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Fun with foam, part 1

August 21, 2013

Too wet to go out? Too cold to play ball? (Oh, is that just me and my Summer in the Bay Area? Ha!) Too sick for preschool? This is the ultimate in Drugstore DIY; with a can of shaving cream or a bar of soap, here is lots of good fun that is funny: Microwave […]

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Packing preschool lunches with Wendolonia

August 14, 2013

Our friend Wendy is a lunch-packing ninja. A picture is worth 1000 words, and in this case, Wendy’s online gallery of lunchbox ideas is made up of 1000 pictures. That’s a value of one million words, if my math is correct. Since no parent has time to read a million words about what to put […]

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Tech Tuesday: Geeky apps to get you outside with baby

April 23, 2013

Geeky moms and dads need to leave the house too, right? While I love seeing you here on the blog, I want you to get fresh air and sunshine. If you need someone to give you some points for your effort, try one of these apps to gamify your outings. Geo-location apps turn walks with […]

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Easy plastic egg snake for every age

April 22, 2013

If you have a pile of plastic eggs in your house (I do) and a bit of wire or plastic cord or even dental floss, you can make a “snake” like this. Our eggs all had holes in them already, and I hope yours do too. Big kids can do the stringing. Babies can do […]

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5 safety tips I learned from my village

April 17, 2013

Most of the safety lessons I carry around instinctively, I learned the hard easy way by watching friends make the mistakes. Thanks to my village, I know that breastfeeding is not sufficient birth control and that I should never fly in flip flops. Here are five family-safety tips from my peeps: Don’t put your car […]

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5 ways to save money on your Children’s Museum Membership

March 1, 2013

If you are a toddler owner, local children’s playspaces are a treasure trove because littles can run, jump, explore, paint, drip water, and play without you doing any chasing or cleanup (well, maybe clothes and hands). An annual membership can save headaches about who has a meltdown when and cut our visit short. Not naming […]

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Activity #158: Get on the dance floor at Baby Loves Disco

February 7, 2013

Last year, Heather and I had the pleasure of teaming up with Baby Loves Disco, the providers of kid-friendly dance parties around the country. They had a 10-day mini-tour in the Bay Area and we hit two of the parties in partnership with our hyperlocal blog, for East Bay parents. When our first babes […]

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Tech Tuesday: Never forget a toy at Grandma’s

January 29, 2013

My family went on a roadtrip this weekend and brought a small basket of toys and games to entertain ourselves. In fact, this is the set of goodies we picked. In order to not leave a single wind-up monkey or treasured truck behind, I took a photo of our loot with my phone as we […]

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Activity #204: Microwave a marshmallow

January 9, 2013

For a quick and questionably tasty science experiment, microwave a marshmallow for about a minute and enjoy the results. Wondering what will happen? The marshmallow will puff up to four times its original size like a poofy souffle. It will be a hot gooey mess before cooling into a crispy pancake. Expect smiles and sticky […]

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Save your crib mattress to create a reading nook

December 30, 2012

As my kids have grown, we’ve been lucky to always have someone who was in need of the mattresses and bed frames they were leaving behind. (In fact, just last month, our old toddler beds were picked up by a couple who was adopting FIVE children!)  If that wasn’t the case, however, I think holding […]

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