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Month 10-12

Now we’re cruising

5 ways to have fun with your friends without a babysitter

No sitter needed: dinner party

I love to spend a long evening out with my friends eating off of each other’s plates and splitting three desserts (unless there are more than two of us, in which case, I expect more desserts). If leisurely nights away from home have become a ridiculous fantasy like jetting off to Paris for a pedicure, […]

Step away from the computer, lady

Seriously. Is someone you love napping right now? If you click on one more link, you’re just depriving yourself from an opportunity to lay down. I do this to myself every day. I’m so so so tired and then the kid’s asleep and I’m clicking away. The few times I’ve been disciplined, it’s been so […]

Activity #52: Celebrate your way


For your 52nd weekly challenge, we invite you to pat yourself on the back — You have a ONE YEAR OLD! The celebration is for you. If you are inviting others to celebrate the big ONE with you, make some plans for it. Make it easy on yourself by delegating food and decorations to anyone […]