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Month 12

Activity #223: Make magnets

Buddies from Moms Group

This is a crafty gift idea, posted by request. I recently made a set of magnets for everyone in my Mom’s Group. I presented them in a stack with a little ribbon around them. I chose to do 1.5 inch squares, but you can do whatever floats your boat. All you have to do is […]

Complain to your baby


Here’s the affirmation of the month: It’s hard to listen to whining! No one will argue with you on that. In moments of frustration, tell your toddler that, and don’t take the whining personally. Sometimes we feel like we can’t complain about motherhood. But we can describe it. If someone asks how it’s going, you […]

Activity #256: Make a Memory game

Here’s a gift idea. Make a personalized version of the game Memory. You know, where you turn over two tiles to try to make a match. Each time you make a match, you remove the tiles until you have matched all the pairs. I made this for my grandparents one Christmas. It is about half-way […]

Set up a backyard festival

Entertaining Julian in the afternoon is best done outside. Inside he is totally crabby from about 3 to 6 pm. I’ve discovered things he likes and have been lazy enough to just put them all in the backyard at once so that he can roam from activity to activity over the course of an hour. […]

Activity #285: Swap, Mamas!

Um, I need clothes too!

We are big fans of the clothing swap as a girls-only daytime get together. Because why shouldn’t your good stuff go to someone who will enjoy it?! We’ve been doing it for about 10 years. Since we entered the world of parenthood, we started adding some maternity and baby items to our swaps, but since […]