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Month 11

Visit a farm

January 9, 2007

It makes me and Ryan feel like Real Parents when we take Julian on outings like Tilden Park’s Little Farm. Animals and their sounds is one of our favorite topics of conversation with Julian. Of course at this age, our babies barely get what’s going on, but showing them the live animals on a farm […]

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Activity #66: Create an anti-shopping trip

December 20, 2006

Visit a large toy store and let baby try out all the things you aren’t going to buy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach your child that toy stores are places we go to enjoy toys and we don’t necessarily need to go home with any? I give my sister-in-law big props for […]

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Activity #182: Try a food 5 times

November 23, 2006

In my house, dinner’s not over till the fat man throws a significant amount of food on the floor. Usually a spoon or bowl, too. I have no idea if this is rejection of the food itself or of the activity we English speakers call “eating.” Anyhow, before you decide that your kid hates sweet […]

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Activity #242: Wish for non-material gifts

November 19, 2006

No matter how old your kid is when the holiday season starts, you are probably already packed with clutter. Our friend Sunny suggests a few gifts that will not result in more stuff to put away, step around, or sterilize. Feel free to share this post with your parents, and please add your own feedback […]

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Activity #247: Find a local carousel and grab the brass ring

October 25, 2006

Holden and I tackled the old-timey carousel in Martha’s Vineyard this summer, and he was horrified for the most part. It was a super sweaty experience (heat wave!), too noisy and, to be fair, I had not properly prepped him on what to expect. For my local readers, there’s a merry-go-round at Tilden Park that’s […]

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Activity #431: Take 365 photos this year

October 16, 2006

This activity is courtesy of Photojojo, where we read a tutorial for creating a photo journal that might help you “see your life in a whole new way.” I think this is a great activity to exercise your ability to engage in other interests besides your baby. Or to capture your whole world, and not […]

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Activity #423: Be a dad for a day

August 29, 2006

For any male readers, you probably already are a dad, so you can check this one off your list. For the rest of you crazy mamas, my suggestion today is to take a cue from dads and do something a little different with your baby. Go somewhere different. My husband tends to take Julian wherever […]

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Review your nearby playground

April 10, 2006

Anyone lucky enough to live in Marin County, CA should check out this website. It has reviews of playgrounds, plus listings of rainy day activities such as library storytime and bookstores. The rest of us will just have to count on each other. What playground do you like to visit? Tell us about it. If […]

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Activity #169: Start saving for college

March 6, 2006

Well, it won’t keep you super busy all day and it’s not that much fun… but if you haven’t considered saving for college already, I’ll go ahead and suggest a 529 plan. We’re saving up through UPromise so whenever we use our credit card and eat at certain restaurants, money goes into the account automatically. […]

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Activity #270: Get a free lila guide

February 7, 2006

Now that you actually have a baby, you have the power to give advice to others. Here’s a way to make yourself and your brilliant recommendations heard. Rate 10 local baby-friendly outings, hangouts, parks, restaurants, or service providers (or even products that you use every day) and receive your copy of the lila guide free! […]

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Activity #157: Make a Cheerio necklace

October 20, 2005

Does baby love to pull your earrings and necklace? Suck your hair? If so, he’s gonna love it when your necklace is made out of real food. A Cheerio necklace is a fun, educational, and healthy alternative to those candy necklaces you loved as a kid. fun, because slurping on mommy is awesome educational, because […]

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Activity #64: Photograph the inanimate objects, too

October 17, 2005

If your baby has a lovey, take a photo of it. It will get increasingly ragged over time and it will be nice to remember what its original shape was. Here’s some ideas for how to capture the object of your child’s affection: For the sentimental: sneak into her bedroom and take a photo of […]

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