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Month 11

Activity #254: Go to brunch

brunch at sam

Find a good time between baby’s naps and enjoy a brunch out with your partner or some friends. You want to find a place with wide enough aisles between tables that you can wheel a stroller or walk with a toddler, no fancy table cloths, and a changing table in the restroom. Ambient noise is […]

Activity #159: Bike around

pax and jules kickin it n the trailer

Those bike trailer thingy-doos are cool, right? My friend Erin has one and it can carry two kids. So fun! Erin has also used the extra space for Target merchandise. Yes, my friend, you can ride your bike to Target with your baby in the trailer and shop your little head off. Isn’t life grand? […]

Plan a Mommy Playdate

During my first pregnancy, I learned the term “NMS” on the BabyCenter message boards. This means “not my style,” as in, “You want to decorate your baby’s room in a rockabilly theme? That sounds like fun, but NMS.” Or, if someone is planning to name their son Clifford, again, fine, but NMS. It’s like, I’m […]

Activity #311: Play hide and seek

finding at the bookstore

I guess this is just advanced peek-a-boo, but we’re filling afternoons with it in my house! It goes like this: Either I crawl on the other side of the couch from Milo calling out, “where’s Mommy?” and wait for him to find me, or he toddles away and I call out “where’s Milo?” and whoever’s […]

Document baby’s birthplace

I’m sending you on a scavenger hunt as your activity for the day. Take a picture of your baby that captures the essence of the city or town in which she was born. Maybe a famous landmark is in the background, or maybe she’s sitting on the shoulders of a local celebrity. So far we […]

Drink more beer

I never really cared much for beer (which doesn’t mean I haven’t consumed my fair share of it). I kept trying, though, because a lot of women who I think are cool have a taste for beer. Then something weird happened: I grew a baby inside me, birthed him and began to breastfeed. Next thing […]

Activity #230: Get your baby a job

WANTED! UNEMPLOYED BABIES I saw the ad below for baby scientists in my neighborhood parent newsletter and it inspired me to think of more ways to find work for infants. A few ideas I have for getting your baby a job are: Baby doll: Seek out an expecting couple you know and offer to let […]