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Month 10

Activity #213: Make baby stuff or ask someone else to do it

December 2, 2008

Do you go in lots of cute baby stores and then not buy anything because you think “I could make that.” Perhaps you think “my mom could make that,” if you are not a “I could make that” type of chick. Well, consider just TRYING to make something. It’s so much more fun to get […]

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Let someone else plan your meals

October 19, 2008

Whitney tried the subscription newsletter a few months ago and deemed it unworkable for her situation, so when I said I was giving myself the four-week challenge to get my dinner (and life) back on track with the The Six O’Clock Scramble, she wished me well and got out of my way. Basically, I fell […]

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Activity #241: Make baby shoes (and a last-minute gift).

March 27, 2008

I was so very proud that I made these baby shoes until Whitney pointed out that I did not actually finish them (oh no, another craft project unfinished, somebody tell my mom to come back with her sewing machine!). Well, I gave them to someone who gave birth 10 days ago, so it’s unlikely that […]

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January 10, 2008

Have a look at this video of a mom trying to do advanced yoga. If you have a crawling baby that’s still on the boob, you’ll really appreciate this.

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Activity #260: Make a baby obstacle course

September 5, 2007

This activity is especially good if you feel like your living room is already an obstacle course — now it can be on purpose! Set up an obstacle course so your baby can test his mobility skills (crawling, rolling, lurching, flailing, whatever!). Try a couple of pillows, some toys, a plastic bowl, and (to make […]

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Activity #244: Inculcate yourself with erudition

June 1, 2007

Or “get smarter” I found this list of 100 words Every High School Graduate Should Know and I felt a little stoopid. Apparently, it is quite normal to not know all the words (despite the title of the list) but rather something to aspire to. I’m printing out the list and trying to learn a […]

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Activity #297: Carry an extra set of keys

March 16, 2007

My friend Linda turned me on to this idea and I really don’t know how I didn’t think of this myself… I came oh-so-close to it. This was me: Why does Holden cry when I need my keys for driving? How come the plastic keys just aren’t doing it? Gee, where can I get a […]

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Activity #345: Start a Secret Santa tradition, geek-style

December 6, 2006

If you’re feeling too lazy, cheap, overwhelmed, or frazzled to face holiday shopping for all your friends or relatives this year, I would like to suggest a little Secret Santa action. Last year, baby Holden assigned each of my five siblings another person’s name for gift-giving. He used his own email account to tell everyone […]

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Make a talking, grunting photo card

August 15, 2006

Holden and I made a talking card together for Alec’s birthday. We struggled to record the audio greeting the first three times… because Holden has no patience and cannot follow simple instructions. But the end result was super cute and I’m sure Alec presses “play” throughout his work day to hear Holden’s “waa waaa da […]

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Activity #164: Help a rookie mom

July 11, 2006

You weren’t even paying attention and you became an old pro as a new mom… do you know anyone with a baby younger than yours? If so, be a sweetie and Help her in or out of a doorway Make her a meal and bring it over Take her baby for a quick walk so […]

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Activity #290: Have a crawling race

April 20, 2006

In college, we played this drinking game in which we’d bet on which of the fishies in the fishy-screen-saver would cross the screen first. Well, this activity is sort of the same thing for a baby. You see, your baby doesn’t really know he’s racing you. In order to heat things up, you need to […]

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Activity #310: Wash hands

April 14, 2006

Holden loves to wash his hands. Loves everything about it: hanging over the sink, reaching for the stream of water, and seeing his distorted reflection in the faucet. Maybe he also loves the feeling of clean after crawling on the ground, but I doubt it. So, wash those little baby hands and set your child […]

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