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Month 10


Have a look at this video of a mom trying to do advanced yoga. If you have a crawling baby that’s still on the boob, you’ll really appreciate this.

Make a talking, grunting photo card

talkingpix photo card

Holden and I made a talking card together for Alec’s birthday. We struggled to record the audio greeting the first three times… because Holden has no patience and cannot follow simple instructions. But the end result was super cute and I’m sure Alec presses “play” throughout his work day to hear Holden’s “waa waaa da […]

Activity #164: Help a rookie mom

You weren’t even paying attention and you became an old pro as a new mom… do you know anyone with a baby younger than yours? If so, be a sweetie and Help her in or out of a doorway Make her a meal and bring it over Take her baby for a quick walk so […]

Activity #290: Have a crawling race

on your marks get set go

In college, we played this drinking game in which we’d bet on which of the fishies in the fishy-screen-saver would cross the screen first. Well, this activity is sort of the same thing for a baby. You see, your baby doesn’t really know he’s racing you. In order to heat things up, you need to […]

Activity #310: Wash hands

Holden loves to wash his hands. Loves everything about it: hanging over the sink, reaching for the stream of water, and seeing his distorted reflection in the faucet. Maybe he also loves the feeling of clean after crawling on the ground, but I doubt it. So, wash those little baby hands and set your child […]