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Month 10

I visited a high-security office with a baby {Rookie Moms Challenge #11}

July 10, 2014

Ever since my husband Mike and I were dating, I’ve wanted to visit him at work. He always kept me at bay, telling me that no one else’s girlfriends/fiancees/wives have ever visited, there was nothing to see, and that he wasn’t even sure it was allowed for him to have a visitor. Because he does work […]

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Activities for new moms: 52 weekly challenges

February 2, 2014

Why these challenges? Our own experience with unstructured time and a small baby tells us that having an activity planned or a project for the day is tremendously helpful in passing the time. When your partner gets home from work or you hop on the phone with your sister, instead of talking about length of […]

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How we got our baby to stop standing up in the crib

April 19, 2013

This guest post is by my friend Karen from, about her son, Laz. We are among the lucky few who had a baby that slept through the night from a pretty early age. We didn’t really do anything to make it happen – but around 4 months old, our son just stopped waking up […]

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Reader Tip: Pretend your only child has a big brother

February 6, 2013

This guest post is from our real-life friend Amanda Papanikolas, rookie mom to baby Felix. Before I had a baby, I mildly judged the few mothers with whom I spent time for being upset when their babies would cry. I figured, “Hey, babies cry. That’s what they do. Relax. Let me finish telling you my […]

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Step away from the computer, lady

November 15, 2012

Seriously. Is someone you love napping right now? If you click on one more link, you’re just depriving yourself from an opportunity to lay down. I do this to myself every day. I’m so so so tired and then the kid’s asleep and I’m clicking away. The few times I’ve been disciplined, it’s been so […]

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Activity #51: Meet your friends out for errands

December 19, 2011

Go on, it’s semi-social, you can bring your baby or toddler, and you can GTD. (That’s “get things done” in Internet language. Seriously.) When our firstborns were too little to know the difference between Target and the Children’s Museum, Whitney and I would meet with the boys to do some shopping and wonder if it […]

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Activity #46: Host a clothing swap party

November 14, 2011

Nine months on, nine months off? Something like that. Your 46th weekly challenge is to obtain some new-to-you clothes that you’ll enjoy along with an afternoon of girlfriend hilarity all for the cost of some cucumber-scented spa water. The end of the year is a perfect time to plan a clothing swap. Whitney totally hates […]

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Activity #45: Do what YOU want to do

November 7, 2011

When my husband had to be gone for six whole nights on business leaving me alone with baby Holden, I panicked and called in my smartest mom friends for advice. They had perfectly reasonable suggestions about lowering my expectations, keeping it simple, and making plans to keep from going stir crazy. This tip came from […]

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Activity #44: Wear something you normally wouldn’t

October 31, 2011

Today is the day to dig way into your closet and pull out something that doesn’t get enough love. Aren’t you pretty much guaranteed that others will be dressed in more eye-catching outfits than yours? My son will be dressed as Santa Claus, so I will be an elf. The hat is the key to […]

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Activity #42: Take a pumpkin picture

October 17, 2011

Your 42nd weekly challenge is a seasonal photo assignment. You can’t take a bad picture in a pumpkin patch. Good assignment, right? Find a pumpkin patch. Go. Take pictures. Use hay as a background, too.   If you do this, we would LOVE to see your photos on our rookiemoms facebook page. Is your baby […]

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Activity #41: Test drive some baby classes

October 10, 2011

Most classes for babies provide a free trial experience. Take advantage of these freebies before committing to a paid class. Try to talk your other mama friends into joining you so it’s the most fun for YOU. Your 41st weekly challenge is to contact a local music, dance, or exercise class for moms and babies, […]

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Activity #34: Host a Margarita Mommies Group

August 22, 2011

This week’s challenge is a summery activity for babies that can sit up on their own; this is your 34th challenge. These ten-month olds (Theo, Del, Julian and Paxton) are having so much fun slurping on plastic toys and touching one another’s toes that they don’t realize their moms are having fun too. Ingredients for […]

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