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Month 8

Baby food blooper


While Heather was keeping her current pregnancy secret from me, she started paying heightened attention to products for young babies in a way that didn’t tip me off, due to our jobs as “mommy bloggers.” I thought she was just trying to keep up with changing trends and technologies for parents.  When she accepted a […]

Help your baby be reflective


Take a photo of your baby looking at himself in the mirror. You will not want to use a flash, so open all the blinds to fill the room with natural light. Stand behind him and try to get both the real baby and the mirror image baby in the frame of your photo.

Make it a potluck

easy potluck food

I really love bossing people around organizing easy dinner parties. Gather some friends together for a BBQ or potluck. The easy thing is that by distributing the responsibilities, you’ll have less to worry about. And more fun all around. Simple rules to sharing the load with a potluck: Assign jobs and give yourself an easy […]

Travel light (when you fly with a baby)

Gone are the days when Alec and I could just go away for a few months with nothing but a pair of backpacks. Traveling with a baby requires more strategery, but this is one of my strengths, so allow me to share a tip: You do not need to bring it all with you! Flying […]

Activity #54: Take 1-2-3 pictures

You know those picture frames with three spaces in them? They’re not just for people with three children. They’re for you. Take on the assignment of filling one up with photos that work well together, like these of baby Wallie. Capture your baby’s ability to clap or wave by taking photos in a series. Check […]

Use baby signs – it’s not too late.

Signing Eat or Food

Apparently, once your baby can wave “hello”, he can begin signing other things, too. If you’re convinced that your baby has something to say, but just doesn’t have the words, consider getting with the signing program. The experts on baby stuff, say that you should start signing a few things consistently around 8 months. I […]

Activity #152: Go camping


We’re getting ready for a camping trip this weekend, the first time with both the babes. Holden was camping for his first birthday (pictured) and again when I was pregnant (what was I thinking? of course I’m kidding, it was great). As long as we have our coffee, travel Scrabble, and a gang of other […]

Activity #166: Swap your baby food cubes

While you’re still making all that good fresh baby food, hold a food swap with some other mom friends to introduce your kid to new flavors and broaden his palate. Here’s how: Make a huge double batch of sweet potatoes or winter squash (steam, puree, put in a large tupperware in the fridge) Your pals, […]