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Month 7

Activity #163: Set the timer for 15 minutes

I will get tired of cleaning before Milo gets tired of jumping

Having trouble motivating to clean the house? Me too! It seems like every time I manage to pick up all the plastic crap, some little person chucks it around again. And don’t get me started on the laundry situation. One idea that I like when the messes are particularly out of control is to set […]

Make your own baby food

photo by Wendy If you think we are over ambitious granola moms for even suggesting this idea, I totally get it. There is nothing wrong with jarred baby food. I personally found making food this way fun, so there’s that. Please just click a link to the right to find an article that better suits […]

Activity #540: Buy one less thing

I am assuming that Seattle, like Berkeley, is a hotbed of green ideas. So it’s no surprise that Lynn at Family Style Love says “I think that I have become borderline obsessed with “greening” my life.” She makes the most excellent point that all the magazine articles that are selling us greener versions of products […]

Activity #172: Get baby-proofing advice from an expert

Let this big boy come over and tear things apart

I am not sure if I should be embarassed about this, but we had a consultant, “The Babyproofer”, come evaluate our home. He walked around and then told us all the things that could possibly kill our baby. This sounds dramatic, but we learned a distinction that we had not been making before his visit. […]

Screen your baby’s vision

this part was tricky

AKA Attend a private puppet show. Because of a little known program called InfantSEE (a public health initiative spear-headed by former President Carter), Holden’s eyes were checked for major vision problems by a nice person playing with hand puppets and shining lights in his face. If you ask him, I think he liked it only […]

Activity #489: Embellish yet another baby shirt

When Heather and I were editing our book, I thought we were including one too many ways to decorate a baby’s chest. I hope we don’t sound like broken records, suggesting embellished onesies for every day of the week. But now, my friend Nila has delighted me with a style we haven’t posted yet, so […]

Activity #155: Scatter toys

Early sitters need practice with balance. For Holden, I sit him down in Dwarf Land (pictured) and scatter rattles, toys, and other objects in a circle around him, the baby-sitter, and see what happens. Watch closely to prevent any embarrassing facial bruises. I either create a “circle of safety” with my arms or pad the […]

Cook and play

yum, but this is not really our dinner

Still having trouble getting dinner on the table? Us too! It seems like places like Emeryville’s Dinner Source are popping up all over the country to fill the need for quick, convenient, healthy meals. The idea is that we go there and assemble fresh, tasty meals and leave with dozens of future meals. And they […]