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Month 6

Spend more time in bed

March 24, 2009

For Stay at Home Moms, focus one day this week on getting more rest for you. Don’t get out of your PJs in the morning, and as soon as your baby’s first nap starts, jump back in bed. If you can’t fall asleep, read a magazine. During his/her next nap, take a shower and then […]

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Start a baby food swapping co-op

November 6, 2008

With our rookie babies, we made lots and lots of good fresh pureed baby food. Inspired by Super Baby Food I started with simple blended pear and eased into whipped avocado, but eventually I had vats of different combos going and I would puree for my mini-eater and save the chunky stuff for older Julian. […]

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Activity #462: Put photos on your iPod

October 31, 2008

With over 100 million iPods sold as of this month, I figure most of you have one. If you have a Nano or a regular iPod (not a Shuffle) you can put pictures of your baby on your iPod and eliminate the need to carry photos. Trust me, on your iPod, photos look 80 billion […]

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Activity #144: Predict the future

October 24, 2008

I read this in a magazine recently. You can get a sense of your baby’s future height based on the heights of the two biological parents. For boys, add 5 inches to mom’s height. Your son will be between that height and his daddy’s height. For girls, subtract 5 inches from her dad’s height. Your […]

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Activity #142: Soul search

September 16, 2008

Has being a mom become your only hobby? Spend today thinking about what other hobby you would like bring back to your life or start, and make a plan to get into it. I like to make stuff and read about making stuff on craft blogs. It took me a while to get back into […]

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Craft some hair clips for you or baby

August 20, 2008

Could these hair barrettes BE any cuter? No, I don’t think so. AngryChicken has a full tutorial about making a felted “sleeping bag” for these baby hair clips and then adorning them with buttons so they stay put. In my house, I’m a constant hair clip wearer (and thus, loser of hair clips). Sometimes my […]

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Activity #512: Vent about life as a parent

May 29, 2008

I love being a mom. Of course I do. Would I spend this much time blogging and writing a book about enjoying motherhood if I didn’t strongly identify with my momness? I freely admit, however, that this new hobby job role does take away from my pre-mom hobbies, including the hobby that was my husband […]

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Look out for your marriage

January 23, 2008

Both of us Rookie Moms have parents who were divorced before we were in pre-school, and both of us want to have long epic marriages that last for 50 or 70 years (long after our diaper-wearing boys are out of the house). In that vein, here are some of our best tips for looking out […]

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Activity #126: Give your back a break

September 13, 2007

Friends without babies love to wear the front carrier. Let them — 6-month olds are heavy! Ask a friend or sibling if they want to “wear the baby” while you are out and about. Look how how happy my friend Doug was in this picture to be wearing my son around. Deliriously. A few weeks […]

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Activity #410: Create a Tabblo

August 1, 2007

I read about this on Cool Mom Picks. You can upload pictures or import them from your Flickr account, and assemble them into a collage or scrapbook-like page with captions and borders (I didn’t want any). Then, you can purchase it as a poster, share it with friends, post it to your blog, etc. I […]

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Activity #206: Be a roller coaster

June 7, 2007

Yes, your emotions are on a roller coaster; now your baby can be too. My friend Jeanine makes herself into a human roller coaster for baby Pepper. This is how to do it yourself: Lie on your back Curl your legs up with baby on your shins (on her tummy) Rock on your back to […]

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Tackle 101 things in 1,001 days

April 11, 2007

Oh my god. I am a list maker at heart. As Whitney will attest, I make spreadsheets and lists at the slightest provocation (meal plan, packing list, number of nursings) — can I graph it? Even better! Well, I love this idea and it’s so very crazy. Right now, making a list of 101 things […]

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