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Month 6

Tech Tuesday: How to exercise without leaving the house

Exercise while baby naps

We all know what jogging strollers were invented for, but that doesn’t mean we feel inspired to use one. Even if it’s outfitted with an insane attachment that promises to increase the efficiency of the workout. (Love Handles run $99.) Maybe it’s -2 degrees outside; maybe your toddler is sleeping; or maybe you simply cannot […]

How to fly alone with a baby

photo by jyri

This guest post was written by my friend, Beth. Love it. Even if this isn’t an activity you’ll do today, you might find yourself on an airplane sometime this year. Before turning one year old, Holden had flown cross-country at 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 7.5 months. Each time, Alec and I worked […]

One rookie mom’s 5 favorite baby items

mom and baby

Meredith is a grad school dropout, military wife, stay at home, over-thinking mom who started a podcast and blog over at to amuse herself and, hopefully, others. She shared her five favorite babycentric inventions with us.  If you’d like to share yours, send an email to moms at rookiemoms dot com. I’ve been a […]

Halloween cuteness


This is my favorite format of a Mom’s Group picture, so I am reposting it from last year. If you have the chance to imitate it, please do! I saw this photo on the Facebook page of a former co-worker and he gave me permission to publish. Thanks, Rookie Dad Eric!

Take some great pictures

Have you taken black and white photos of your baby yet? Put her on a solid colored blanket on your bed and stand on the bed, looking down at her. Then, get down at her level and take some close ups. Take some of her hands and feet, too. Outdoor light also makes for great […]

6 sanity savers for cold days


While you are reading this, I am driving from Yosemite back to my house in Berkeley. Therefore, I wrote this post in advance. We bloggers can be sneaky that way. I’m surely suffering a little case of family-gatherings-mostly-take-place-indoors-especially-when-you’ve-rented-a-cabin-in-the-winter, so I bring you a few thematically linked posts. All intended to help fight the Stir Crazies. […]