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Month 6

Going all Mary Poppins on my bedroom {Rookie Moms Challenge #29}

July 22, 2014

When school was cancelled for a snow day this Spring (argh!), the first thing I did was jump to the list of Rookie Mom challenges and see if there were any I could complete while home with the boy all day long. There was a perfect one: Challenge# 29, Refresh your bedroom. I took Weston […]

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Join the Pumping Project

May 28, 2014

Look at this woman.  Do you look like her when you express milk for your baby? If so, please explain yourself. Having spent a fair amount of time both pumping and searching for images of pumping women from the major pump manufacturers, we’ve found there is a lack of unrealistic imagery out there. That photo […]

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Prunes are my secret weapon

March 4, 2014

This post was sponsored by, where you can order just about anything. Obviously, the views and experiences are my own and not Walmart’s. If you’ve ever introduced a breastfed baby to rice cereal, you already know what I’m about to tell you: solid food is constipating for babies. Oh boy! Perhaps if you’ve taken detours […]

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100 fun things to do with your baby

February 14, 2014

A valuable list of very simple things every rookie mom needs to know are included in the new book Homemade Play by early childhood educator Kim Lyons. These are not life-saving skills like how to treat a high fever, but rather revelatory concepts, such as things you can do with a kitchen sponge to entertain […]

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Activities for new moms: 52 weekly challenges

February 2, 2014

Why these challenges? Our own experience with unstructured time and a small baby tells us that having an activity planned or a project for the day is tremendously helpful in passing the time. When your partner gets home from work or you hop on the phone with your sister, instead of talking about length of […]

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Family Fun Hikes: Expectations vs Reality

January 14, 2014

Recently, RookieDad Alec and I took our two older boys around a two-mile hiking trail in the Berkeley hills. We left the toddler at home to give the big boys some special attention. My oldest, nearly nine, had chosen the path because he knows it well from summer camps and school field trips. As we circled […]

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5 great date nights that don’t require a babysitter

July 24, 2013

I’m a firm believer that new parents need to figure out a way to get out of the house and have some dates. Best case scenario, that’s only one night a week. More realistically, that’s one night a month. Or never. So, what about all those other nights? Here are five fun date-night ideas that […]

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Put your babe in a mug

April 17, 2013

Follow the hashtag #babeinamug on Instagram and you’ll quickly see that this is a Thing. Thanks to the clever blogger MommyShorts, who composed the collage above, babies and mugs are being photographed with this perspective trickery — and shared on social media. If you are able to capture such a shot and participate in this […]

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Activity #575: Make a taggie monster

February 7, 2013

How cute is this DIY softie? Our new bloggy and RL (that’s, real life people!) friend Wendy made this adorable “taggie monster” for her baby son, Auggie, and it was too flipping adorable not to share. Apparently the design came to her in a dream. Cool. Milo is in a very loving phase right now […]

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Tech Tuesday: How to exercise without leaving the house

January 22, 2013

We all know what jogging strollers were invented for, but that doesn’t mean we feel inspired to use one. Even if it’s outfitted with an insane attachment that promises to increase the efficiency of the workout. (Love Handles run $99.) Maybe it’s -2 degrees outside; maybe your toddler is sleeping; or maybe you simply cannot […]

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Activity #70: Fly solo (or how to fly alone with a baby)

December 18, 2012

We originally ran this guest post SEVEN YEARS AGO thus the babies in this story are now in 2nd grade. Even if this isn’t an activity you’ll do today, you might find yourself on an airplane sometime this year. Before turning one year old, Holden had flown cross-country at 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, […]

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Eating my own dogfood, months 4 to 6

May 2, 2012

If you’ve visited before, you might know that we’re all about getting out of the house and having more fun with your baby in tow. We started this site as our own brainstorm of fun things to do and we just couldn’t stop. One could even argue that I had another baby just to […]

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