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Month 5

Why the bouncy seat makes me a better mom

May 31, 2012

Before having a baby, I had a very clear idea of what kind of mom I would be. Having read Babywise at the advice of a childless friend, I knew I would put my newborn on a schedule and fill my maternity leave with useful pursuits like crossing items off my to-do list and initiating […]

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Eating my own dogfood, months 4 to 6

May 2, 2012

If you’ve visited before, you might know that we’re all about getting out of the house and having more fun with your baby in tow. We started this site as our own brainstorm of fun things to do and we just couldn’t stop. One could even argue that I had another baby just to […]

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Activity #556: Chill out in the snow

December 20, 2011

After returning from a jaunt to Tahoe with his toddler, Ainslie, our friend Doug gave me tips on fun stuff to do in the snow. (That’s right old friends, I’m embarrassed to admit it but snow is something we visit out here — not endure. And we “jaunt”). For the baby set: Walk around with […]

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Activity #417: Create cardboard cuties

May 26, 2011

Becky from Oakland, CA sent us this cute suggestion for a keepsake craft. She recently created cardboard crayon drawings of her two daughters on a rainy day. I cut open the box then laid down each girl (one at a time) then I traced them and then we colored them in wearing the outfits they […]

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Activity #529: Cut up your baby announcements

December 15, 2009

When I saw this “first ornament” tutorial on Wedding Bee, I thought it meant for a baby’s first Christmas, but soon understood that it’s for a couple’s first married Christmas. Why was I reading Who knows. I get easily lost in the Internets. Made from leftover wedding invites, it is a clever and subtle […]

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Activity #437: Get high on fidelity

August 25, 2009

Here’s a fun little activity to squeeze in during naptime this week. Try this suggestion excerpted from the book If You Give a Mom a Martini…100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself to bring back that loving feeling (before its gone gone gone): TOOLS NEEDED: Wedding album and/or video Holy Matrimony! Is that […]

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Activity #291: Let your baby ride the family pet

August 19, 2009

Some day, your baby will be a man. When that time comes, your pet will fit in your kid’s lap. But for now, isn’t it super cute and funny to take pictures that really show how teeny weeny your little one is? Make sure to follow common sense tips for pet safety, but he’s your […]

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Host a FRESH movie screening

July 3, 2009

Last week I saw this eye-opening documentary, Fresh, about our overly-complex food system and I wanted to share. My favorite story from the movie was about the woman who figured out how to get grocery stores in her area to label Fresh and Local products so it is much easier to support our local farmers […]

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Activity #579: Jam it, pickle it, cure it

April 26, 2009

I consider myself a crafty lady. I’m not super accomplished in this arena, but I’ve given my share of handmade gifts. My friend Karen is suddenly challenging my definition of “crafty” by suggesting that I make fruit leather, toaster tarts, and BUTTER in her new book Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It: And Other Cooking […]

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Activity #314: Throw some (poop) away

March 27, 2009

Before I suggest an activity today, I want to share this piece of conceptual art my son produced the other day. He is four years old, and as such, poop is one of his favorite things to talk about. In this masterful drawing, he has combined visual representation of poop with text in a chaotic, […]

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Activity #302: Wear fleece

March 12, 2009

My friend at work, Melanie, gave me this tip for parents in the professional world. It’s sorta the opposite approach of Heather’s suggestion to keep your shirt off. Pick an old large fleece and designate it as your pre-work cover up. Get dressed for work in your cashmere sweater set, dry-cleaned blazer, or whatever your […]

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Activity #273: (Heart) someone or something

February 5, 2009

Make your partner feel loved by using your baby’s chest as advertising space. Put an “I love” message on a onesie or bib and take a picture of the baby wearing it. This baby is rocking the straightforward message to daddy. I myself prefer a more subtle tribute to my husband with a projection of […]

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