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Month 5

How to make the most of your child’s nap

In this video, I talk about why you might want to put your computer or smart phone down during your child’s nap. It’s not about unplugging, though, it’s about recharging yourself, using your downtime to refresh your energy level, your social life, or create mental space. I provide different three ways to spend your time. […]

Activity #20: Narrate your day

Narrate your day to your baby

Days at home alone with a baby can be soooo long. On the bright side, he’s a very captive audience and interested in all your innermost thoughts. Tell your baby about what you are doing to him when you change his diaper, lift him up, feed him. Narrate life’s little adventures when you clip your […]

Activity #556: Chill out in the snow

Bjorn baby bjorn

After returning from a jaunt to Tahoe with his toddler, Ainslie, our friend Doug gave me tips on fun stuff to do in the snow. (That’s right old friends, I’m embarrassed to admit it but snow is something we visit out here — not endure. And we “jaunt”). For the baby set: Walk around with […]

Activity #529: Cut up your baby announcements


When I saw this “first ornament” tutorial on Wedding Bee, I thought it meant for a baby’s first Christmas, but soon understood that it’s for a couple’s first married Christmas. Why was I reading Who knows. I get easily lost in the Internets. Made from leftover wedding invites, it is a clever and subtle […]

Activity #437: Get high on fidelity

First dance as a married couple

Here’s a fun little activity to squeeze in during naptime this week. Try this suggestion excerpted from the book If You Give a Mom a Martini…100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself to bring back that loving feeling (before its gone gone gone): TOOLS NEEDED: Wedding album and/or video Holy Matrimony! Is that […]

Activity #579: Jam it, pickle it, cure it

I consider myself a crafty lady. I’m not super accomplished in this arena, but I’ve given my share of handmade gifts. My friend Karen is suddenly challenging my definition of “crafty” by suggesting that I make fruit leather, toaster tarts, and BUTTER in her new book Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It: And Other Cooking […]