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Month 4

Go to the drive-in (movie)

June 14, 2010

Rookie mom, Emily, suggested hitting the drive-in movie as a great baby-on-board date night. The last time I went to a drive-in I was driving cross-country with my pal, Rachel, and we actually watched the movie Twister (in which a drive-in theater is decimated by a tornado). I only wish the drive-ins near Berkeley were […]

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Activity #373: Get more out of Goodnight Moon

May 3, 2010

When we first added Goodnight Moon to our bedtime ritual, I thought, “This book is sort of boring.” After a few months, I thought “This book is painfully boring.” One day, my friend Sunny said, “I see new things in that book every time I look at it.” Um, what? So I started paying more […]

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Activity #188: Cook and freeze

April 28, 2010

When you bother to cook, double it and freeze half. Make sure to freeze in portions that you’ll want to use because nothing bums me out faster than trying to defrost the entire basketball-size brick of beef stew because I can’t snap off a portion for me and Alec. Ideas for meals to cook and […]

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5 Super green baby activities

April 22, 2010

You know how everyone wants you to buy green stuff in order to do your part for the Earth? Well, being green is more than just buying more crap we don’t need, it’s also getting our hands dirty planting a garden, annoying your family by turning out the lights when they’re still in the room, […]

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Activity #300: Be in love

February 13, 2010

Scrounge around for some pictures of you and your mate together from when you first started out dating and wooing. Make a collage and put it on the fridge to remember your pre-baby lives. It can be as easy as tacking up a few old favorites that have been sitting in a drawer (bungee-jumping, wine […]

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Read books for baby

January 26, 2010

At this point, four months, you’re pretty much obligated to start a reading ritual with your baby. I have honestly been shocked at each stage to find how much they really do like books. Also, when I ran out of things to say to my immobile blob of human offspring, reading from a book was […]

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Activity #210: Roll, bounce

January 20, 2010

If you still have that yoga ball around — and you’re not currently using it for ab work — get it out to thrill and impress your baby. We kept ours in Holden’s room for about 22 months — until his new brother was born and the room just got too crowded. Each morning, he […]

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Wear the baby

January 12, 2010

By the time I took this picture, Julian was to big for this fleece sling, so I was thrilled to wear Heather’s baby Holden in it. If you don’t already have a sling, consider it. Wearing your baby keeps him happy, especially if he’s the type that likes to be held all the time. Instead […]

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Activity #14: Model new outfits

November 12, 2009

Continue to try on all the new outfits you got as gifts, no matter how silly you think they are, and photograph him in the clothes before he outgrows them. Remember to take pictures when outfit is fresh (it took me 3 tries on this outfit and I finally dressed him in the living room […]

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Activity #429: Practice yoga in the face of a crying baby

October 8, 2009

When Patti Asad from YogaWorks contacted us with some ideas for yoga poses for rookie moms, I had a few very specific goals. Rather than focusing on a lengthy yoga session that I’d forget or screw up, I asked her, “Is there one particular yoga pose that’s great for calming [yourself] when your baby’s screaming […]

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Act the way you want to feel

April 9, 2009

Have you already heard about the Happiness Project? Gretchen Rubin took a year to test drive every happiness principle, tip, theory, and scientific study to try to see if any of them really worked. In her memoir (now available for pre-order) and blog, she goes into great detail about how each experiment fared in her […]

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Activity #58: Shop on the cheap

April 6, 2009

When I found out I was having a second boy, at first I was shocked. Not that I didn’t want a second boy — I was still totally afraid of little girls (having been mean to my own mom until … ummm, now) — but I grew up in a boy/girl house and I just […]

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