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Month 4

Activities for new moms: 52 weekly challenges

February 2, 2014

Why these challenges? Our own experience with unstructured time and a small baby tells us that having an activity planned or a project for the day is tremendously helpful in passing the time. When your partner gets home from work or you hop on the phone with your sister, instead of talking about length of […]

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Activity #102: Photograph your baby ALONE alone

June 6, 2013

Chelsea Day and her husband, Nate, have a special ritual whenever they’re alone with the baby for any length of time. They take pictures of their little one alone like alone alone (dare I say abandoned?) and text them to each other. We met Chelsea at the Mom 2.0 conference on a bus and she […]

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Activity #196: Shake it at the gym

March 23, 2013

The Berkeley YMCA used to have a post-partum hip hop aerobic dance classes where babies watch and participate. It is mesmerizing for babies who never knew mom could be so cool (or, in my case, so uncoordinated). The class is best for pre-crawlers, but if you want to add some chasing to your dance moves, […]

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Makin’ it: pretty, simple circle mobile

June 11, 2012

I saw this adorable and super simple mobile on Sew She Sews and really wanted to share it. Jaime chose coordinating circles of fabric and stitched them together to form this hanging nursery decoration. So cute, right? I think this sort of mobile hung high above the changing table might just be the thing to keep […]

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Eating my own dogfood, months 4 to 6

May 2, 2012

If you’ve visited before, you might know that we’re all about getting out of the house and having more fun with your baby in tow. We started this site as our own brainstorm of fun things to do and we just couldn’t stop. One could even argue that I had another baby just to […]

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Activity #487: Treat yourself

April 11, 2012

We got a great tip from longtime reader, Ghanimatrix, about how she squeezes in more me time. She says: The best way for me to find “me time” is to either stay on top of chores so that nap time becomes leisure time, OR to go run an errand when my husband gets home and […]

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Activity #25: Host an ugly baby (clothes) contest

June 20, 2011

Dress up your baby in the worst, ugliest gift outfit and invite over some other poorly dressed babies for a costume party and ugly-clothing contest. Dorky gifts, ratty hand-me-downs, and hopeless mismatches can finally have their day. Try not to be offended if your idea of cutest-outfit-ever winds up on one of the other models. […]

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Activity #80: Let your infant dress himself

May 18, 2011

I used to see 3-year olds around town dressed in wild combinations of stripes, gingham, rainbow tights and superhero capes. I wondered when my baby would look that creative and charming.* Then it dawned on me and I began to create wild combinations and increase the creativity in my infant’s wardrobe. If your baby is […]

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Activity #16: Walk into nature

April 18, 2011

Hiking with your baby is easier than you might think. Oh sure, you’ll need to be prepared just like when you go practically anywhere, but the exercise and fresh air are a little bit magical. Your challenge for this week is to find a pal (or a whole moms’ group), choose an easy hiking trail, […]

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Activity #30: Turn your sleeping baby into art

September 14, 2010

The other day Milo fell asleep in his car seat, and I took his picture. Then I put a few props around him and shot a few more. I stopped at a stuffed pig and Whitney called me the under-achiever version of Mila’s Daydreams. (Or a G-rated version of Have you already heard about […]

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On being alone, even though you are probably not alone

August 24, 2010

I saw this video “How to Be Alone” on my friend Andrea‘s blog and it stuck with me. I like the style and the tone, so there’s that.  But mostly I wanted to share it because I believe loneliness is the aspect of new motherhood that is most surprising. Do you agree? I thought some […]

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Activity #235: Do baby bench press

June 30, 2010

Do you want to squeeze in some exercise during your day? But also just want to lay around? While lying on the floor, hold baby above you and rhythmically lower baby to your face, kiss baby’s face all over, and raise baby back up again… I used to like to say “kiss the baby” when […]

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