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Month 3

Ask Lady Brain


Heather and I recently had the pleasure of being guests on Lady Brain, the most candid advice show on San Francisco radio. Thanks to Internet magic, this show is not just for locals – you can listen to any episode on their website or subscribe with iTunes. The hosts, Lauren and Steph, both moms themselves, […]

Activity #304: Park on Mars

I know. I know! I know exactly how headlines are written to lure readers in. Anything with numbers that promises to be a solution. I’m talking about stuff that would be on a magazine cover, like 11 Baby-Friendly Vacation Ideas or 13 Sex Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of, and yet, I was suckered by a […]

Go easy on yourself

Yummie Tummie designer Heather Thomson with her children Jax and Ella

Heather Thomson and I have a lot in common: we are both working mothers of two children, age four and two; we are both named Heather; we both believe that new moms should find ways to do what makes them happy. That may be where the similarities end. I write with Whitney to encourage new […]

Activity #583: Tweak today

At a work-related meeting, I was recently made aware of a website called Tweak Today whose mission is “Do a new thing. Every day.” That’s so Rookie Moms, I couldn’t help but think. I love missions, scavenger hunts, and the Internets. Tweak Today brings them all together. Let’s pretend the task was to take a […]

Activity #101: Play an instrument


Do you play guitar, harmonica, or the plastic comb? If you’ve got ‘em, shake your maracas. If you want to learn a new instrument, baby is a good audience. Alec decided to get a little more serious about playing guitar once Holden was born. He started taking weekly lessons and would frequently practice his new […]

Love these links

Learn how to do anything in 5 steps with AlphaMom’s new Guide to Everything Fix a t-shirt that’s become too tight for your, um, curvy body with this idea I found on craftster. Get some tips for breastfeeding on a plane. Plan one of these ten free date ideas — or send them to your […]

Do the chicken dance

Sometimes a baby just must be worn.  I have a distinct memory of marching up and down my stairs with Julian in my arms, just to get him to stop crying and relax.  If I had been smarter, or hadn’t just blown all my brain cells giving birth, I might have just worn him and […]

Activity #103: Read the book Operating Instructions

If you don’t have the mental space to read a non-parenting book, Operating Instructions could be your compromise. Have you ever gotten in the shower with your underwear on? So has the author. Heather read this book cover-to-cover while visiting her in-laws. But it can also be enjoyed in bits and pieces if you don’t […]