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Month 3

Activity #341: Practice yoga to energize after sleepless nights

October 15, 2009

When Patti Asad from YogaWorks approached us with some ideas for yoga poses for rookie moms, I was a little skeptical. I loved the pre- and post-natal classes I had taken, but I don’t have the best memory for lengthy routines. Especially when I don’t get enough sleep. I asked her, “Is there one particular […]

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Camouflage your baby bangs with felt hair clips

September 5, 2009

You know how you start losing your hair from about 3 months to 6 months postpartum? Then they grow back in like teeny tiny doll hairs; those new mini hairs are your baby bangs. If you’re a baby-girl-mom, you might already be experimenting with hair accessories for the little one, but baby-boy-mamas, we deserve fun […]

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Go easy on yourself

August 17, 2009

Heather Thomson and I have a lot in common: we are both working mothers of two children, age four and two; we are both named Heather; we both believe that new moms should find ways to do what makes them happy. That may be where the similarities end. I write with Whitney to encourage new […]

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Activity #593: Geocache with your baby (or while pregnant!)

August 3, 2009

If your regular walking routes are a little dull, here’s a suggestion from a rookie mom reader: Strap on your baby and go geocaching! Shylo tells me she started geocaching while pregnant, in her third trimester, as an excuse to get out walking (although some of the more adventurously placed caches proved too much for […]

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Activity #583: Tweak today

June 19, 2009

At a work-related meeting, I was recently made aware of a website called Tweak Today whose mission is “Do a new thing. Every day.” That’s so Rookie Moms, I couldn’t help but think. I love missions, scavenger hunts, and the Internets. Tweak Today brings them all together. Let’s pretend the task was to take a […]

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Activity #101: Play an instrument

May 18, 2009

Do you play guitar, harmonica, or the plastic comb? If you’ve got ‘em, shake your maracas. If you want to learn a new instrument, baby is a good audience. Alec decided to get a little more serious about playing guitar once Holden was born. He started taking weekly lessons and would frequently practice his new […]

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Activity #83: Design your own baby clothes

October 22, 2008

My brain used to hurt with all the clever ideas for baby t-shirts I thought I was having. I’d think of ideas at the least opportune moments (nursing, driving, sleeping), try to remember them, make a picture or word art in Powerpoint, then print on iron on paper. Use multi-packs of snapsuits from Target (5 […]

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Love these links

September 19, 2008

Learn how to do anything in 5 steps with AlphaMom’s new Guide to Everything Fix a t-shirt that’s become too tight for your, um, curvy body with this idea I found on craftster. Get some tips for breastfeeding on a plane. Plan one of these ten free date ideas — or send them to your […]

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Do the chicken dance

June 30, 2008

Sometimes a baby just must be worn.  I have a distinct memory of marching up and down my stairs with Julian in my arms, just to get him to stop crying and relax.  If I had been smarter, or hadn’t just blown all my brain cells giving birth, I might have just worn him and […]

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Activity #103: Read the book Operating Instructions

April 21, 2008

If you don’t have the mental space to read a non-parenting book, Operating Instructions could be your compromise. Have you ever gotten in the shower with your underwear on? So has the author. Heather read this book cover-to-cover while visiting her in-laws. But it can also be enjoyed in bits and pieces if you don’t […]

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Peruse Porn For New Moms

March 26, 2008

Aside from The Rookie Mom’s Handbook (of course), this new book from Chronicle has got to be my favorite baby shower gift idea this year. Porn for New Moms is a collection of photos of hunky, shirtless guys doing the things that turn women on: holding babies, folding laundry, and preparing food. Each photo has […]

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Activity #100: Take unbelievable photos

January 14, 2008

If you can believe it, this is Julian at not-quite four months. Sort of an odd moment that was captured here, when we propped him against the couch and moved our hands just for the picture to be snapped, as the kid did not actually crawl until 10 months or walk until 14 months.

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