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Getting ready for baby. Remember, a little denial is a good thing!

How to get them to stick to your baby registry

Please stick to my baby registry. Please!

Natalie Gordon runs an amazing resource for expectant moms and dads: BabyList ( is a totally custom baby registry that let’s you ask for anything that you want: maid service, spare batteries, those cute hand-crocheted booties from etsy, and a crib? Yes times four. She offered us her best insight in how to get your […]

What to do on bedrest: Cara’s tips

Things to Do On Pregnancy Bedrest

Cara is a contributor to our other blog, {510} Families, and is fast becoming an expert not on “what to do with (and without!) your baby,” but rather, “what to do while pregnant and on bedrest when you have another child.”  She offered to share her lessons learned with us. At exactly 26 weeks pregnant, […]

Dunstan baby language put to the test!


I had heard about the Dunstan Baby Language as “the woman who speaks baby talk on Oprah” several years ago. It sounded like a brilliant idea, but without my own crying baby, there wasn’t much opportunity — or drive — to test it. I flirted with the idea of buying the DVDs a few times […]

Makin’ it: Easy photo placemats

All ready for lamination

This is a quickie craft project to turn a stack of photos, like the ones my mom is always sending me, into personalized placemats for sloppy eaters. We have several of these and they make me very happy. My cousins originally created unique placemats that were photo collages of my life and Alec’s life up […]

Love or shove: Maternity clothes rental?


I loathe the idea (and reality) of shopping for maternity clothes. Between the high prices, poor quality, and short shelf-life of most items, it’s enough to make a hormonal chick crazy. When I first was pregnant with Holden, I was the lucky benefactor of a large duffel bag of maternity clothes from my pal, Whitney. […]

What should new parents discuss before baby arrives?


My husband and I both read some parenting books before our first child was born. He enjoyed Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads, and eventually recommended it to expectant dad friends. I will estimate that compared to him, I read five or ten-fold the amount of educational material available to pregnant people, just […]