Can someone help me with the laundry?!

Yes, I believe we should all let the laundry pile up once in a while, but after that, it needs to be done.

I just posed this question to Asha at ParentHacks to see if she or her seasoned team of expert-parent-readers may be able to help.

Do not buy this laundry basketThis is driving me nuts. I decided that I want to have 5 matching laundry baskets (one for each member of the family plus one) and decided that the little square size would be nice (but I’m not picky) so I bought a matching set of Sterilite hard-plastic square baskets at Target (this was especially nice because we have four* mismatched-broken-in-different ways baskets at home) and before the week was out, two of them literally shattered.

WTF? I returned them and looked for the rubbery Rubbermaid kind. Couldn’t find any (they don’t seem to stock them in Target and upon visiting their website, my pals at Rubbermaid don’t seem to make any compact size baskets). Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond… couldn’t find any.

The question: what brands and models of laundry basket do people/parents use and have success with?! And are there any good laundry strategies out there?

* Four mismatched-broken-in-different ways baskets:

  1. melted by baseboard heater
  2. blue hand-me-down arrived broken to clothing swap
  3. purse-style handle broke off
  4. fancy hiphugger with different broken irreparable handle