Camp in your own backyard

In theory, my family likes to camp. We celebrated Holden’s first birthday with a camp-out barbecue bash. We camped in a big group when I was pregnant with Milo (pregnant camping is questionable). More often, we fall apart trying to reserve a spot, pack the gear, be healthy, and coordinate with friends.

One solution: Pitch a tent in your own backyard!

Alec reads to baby Holden in the tent

There are many benefits to this modified camping adventure:

  • It’s great to do a practice run to see if you and your baby can handle it
  • No such thing as forgotten gear
  • No traffic or carsickness
  • You can cook on your own grill for dinner (with cheater access to a fridge)
  • You can bail really easily if needed
  • Indoor toilets that are actually pretty clean
  • Less laundry and dishes

If you’re so inspired, you can register with the Great American Backyard Campout and plan your night under the stars to coincide with a greater happening to support the National Wildlife Federation on June 25, 2011. Frankly, I think the benefit of being in your own back yard is that you can do it on your own terms and timeline. And even walk to a cafe for brunch!

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