Calling all DUPLO fans! (sponsored)

Today Heather and I are down in New Orleans at a conference called Mom 2.0. I’m super excited to learn from all the smart bloggity bloggers who will be there, and apparently someone thinks Heather is one of them, because she’s speaking on a panel! Go, Heather!

I marked this post “sponsored” because we are working with LEGO DUPLO to host a cocktail party for a handful of conference attendees with a musical theme. Why? Because DUPLO has come out with some songs they’re calling DUPLO Jams — a set of kidtastic tunes intended to inspire creative building and not drive parents crazy. (The first song is inspired by British pop music.)

Liz Sloan, mom of two, and LEGO public relations maven told me that her kids who are 2 and 4 really liked building along to the music with the DUPLO “Play with letters” set. I had never even seen these chunky letter bricks! Have you?

Liz suggested hiding all the letters around the room and then having the kids find them and line them up in alphabetical order. My kids and I do this with alphabet puzzles already, and I bet they’d love to do it with stacking DUPLO bricks.

Want to test drive the songs? They’re freeeeee…

I’m linking to the iTunes destination here. But you can also follow DUPLO on Facebook so that you get notified as more DUPLO Jams are released. (Like the page and you’ll see a player where you can preview the songs.)